What Color Does Blue And Purple Make?

Can I did a primary color blue shirt to dark purple?

I ordered a cosplay outfit and when it came in the shirt was blue. It was supposed to be purple. I think the shirt is made of cotton so I was wondering if I could dye it from the primary color blue to a dark purple? Or would this turn it a totally different color and possibly not even work? I would appreciate answers of those who have had or have experience dyeing cosplay or other articles of cotton clothing. Many thanks!

yes you would use red. however, I personally would return the shirt.

What shirt colors go with purple supras?

I really like this purple Purple Supra Bullet and I am planning to buy it soon, problem is purple is a hard color to mix and match with. What shirt colors go great with purple sneakers in that case?? :| for those who don't know, SUPRA is a BRAND of SNEAKERS.. :)

i LOVE purple, i actually see it as a very versatile color! i really love to pair it with red, green, other shades of purple, blue, brown, black, white, grey, and yellow! be careful with yellow, as those colors are opposites so you will get a very bold effect, also with different shades of purple as you don't want a totally monochromatic look, unless you do it right, it will look very boring. But my favorite color to match purple with is a vibrant red, it just looks fantastic!

blue and purple color scheme for a fall wedding?

I'm planning on hopefully having my wedding in october, and was wanting some peoples opinions of wedding colors being blue and purple in the fall. I want to have it outside, and I like all the colors of the leaves changing and everything, but I really like the color combination of blue and purple. I'm not sure what I want, lol. Obviously, I'm talking about October of next year.

Personally, I love, love, love bue and purple together and always have. So I say go for it. I don't believe in the "fall weddings must use brown and gold" and "spring weddings must use pastels" notion of chosing colors. I think you should chose colors that appeal to you no matter the season. Even red and green can work in July!


What does the first purple candle mean in Advent?

I know the pink one stands for hope, but what does the first purple candle mean? please help! I looked but I just can not seem to find it. Thanks.

Google search: advent candles meaning


Apparently, the Advent wreath started in Germany as a Lutheran family custom.

"How to Make an Advent Wreath

"To begin, put four candles on a wreath or at least in a circle. Traditionally the candles are purple, because in antiquity, purple dye was very expensive and it was the color of royalty. We use purple for Advent because it is the season of the coming of the King. If you can’t get purple candles, you can substitute blue ones. You can also make one of the candles pink if you like—technically, it is rose colored. If you have a fifth candle, it goes in the center of the wreath and it should be white."

"Here are the five candles and their symbolism:

First Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: Hope
First Sunday in Advent
Second Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: Love
Second Sunday in Advent
Third Candle
Color: Purple or pink
Theme: Joy
Third Sunday in Advent
Fourth Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: Peace
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Optional Center Candle
Color: White
Theme: Christmas
Christmas Day"

Where is purple on the colour spectrum?

ultraviolet or infared side? And the reason that I ask is that common knowledge tells us that violet is on the cusp of ultraviolet. Makes sense. BUT, in colour theory we know that the primary colours are not yellow, blue and red, but yellow, cyan and magenta. Therefore red is a mixture of magenta and a tiny bit of blue. So in theory how much 'blue' can there be on the infared side? Is there a strip of warm pink-purple beside red - or maybe this mixture of red and purple will fall on the ultraviolet side? Where would a mix of red-purple go?

From wikipedia:
In color theory, a "purple" is defined as any non-spectral color between violet and red (excluding violet and red themselves).

Note the "non-spectral", which means purple can't be described by light of a single frequency. However, if you mix light of different frequencies, e.g., violet and red, your brain will interpret this mixture as another color, in this example as purple.

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