What College Did Russell Wilson Go To?

Do you idiots realize how dangerous is the dwarf QB called Russell Wilson ?

He can make your best football teams feeling dwarfed in the scoreboards of football games, you idiot foolball fans. 3 time national champion Alabama coach Lou Saban fear Russell Wilson and wont play any of Russell Wilson's teams...he is the reason he run away from Pro football to College football knowing Russell Wilson will be around in NFL for 15 years.

russell wilson is 5'11... thats not short. thats pretty tall

Does Russell Wilson have what it takes to be a prime time NFL QB?

Russell Wilson of Wisconsin may not have a big name as some of his contemporaries, but, week in and week outt, he has shown that he is not only a smart and consistent QB but also that he is a pretty good athlete. So, what do you college football fans and observers think? Does Russell Wilson have what it takes to be a prime time NFL QB? I don't think he will have a shot at the Heisman, but I don't think anyone who has seen him play can deny that he is a very good QB. I mean can't deny that he is a very good QB

It depends on Russell Wilson's work ethic, especially with his eating and exercise habits, during every offseason. If Wilson eats healthy, and exercises by doing a lot of running every day, he will get into better shape, which will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful, prime time NFL quarterback in the future.

Is Russell Wilson the most overrated QB in college?

Russell Wilson basically has padded his stats against sh1tty teams. Nebraska was the only great team he won. With two losses he quickly put Wisconsin out of the National Title picture considering that the the Big 12 has a weak strength of schedule.

Denard Robinson is...can't take big hits and has the most erratic arm I have ever seen

How many teams in need of a quarterback passed on Russell Wilson?

BQ: If he was three inches taller, would he have been drafted in the 1st round?

Doesn't matter, Mark Sanchez is still a much better quarterback than Russell Wilson and I don't care what you say!

why do people worry about russell wilson height?

when he played behind maybe the biggest lines in college in a pro style offense

Wilson was successful in college because he could run around and get a better view on the field. If it wasnt for his ability to run the ball he might have been a worse QB because its extremely hard to see the field behind 6' 5" offensive lineman and giant pass rushers coming at you.

People dont realize that Wilson has that natural ability to run the ball so he can see the field better, maybe if they knew that they wouldnt be so harsh on him.

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