What College Did Nick Foles Go To?

Would you rather have Foles or Vick as your starting QB?

I am from Tucson, Arizona-- where Foles went to college. Foles in my opinion has a better QB mind than vick

Nick Foles, bro.

Is anyone else impressed with Nick Foles' play?

The guy is legit. He was good at the U of A, making guys like Juron Criner look like All-Americans. I don't know what the Broncos were thinking passing up on Foles for Brock Osweiler. Imagine how good Foles would be if he spent a couple of years learning from the great Peyton Manning.

While I believe that Nick Foles is a way better overall quarterback than Michael Vick, I am not really impressed by his play. Keep in mind, Foles had Rob Gronkowski to throw to in college, and still was not winning. In fact, Foles had a stretch, late in his junior season and most of his senior season at Arizona, where he lost 13 out of 15 games he started. What alarms me the most is that Arizona made (and won) a bowl game, in its first season after Foles.

College Football Fanatics; Which QB was better Mike Kafka or Nick Foles?

Nick Foles is the future in philly

Nick Foles or Russell Wilson?

I had Aaron Rodgers but we all know what happened there. Should i start Wilson ir Foles? Wilson is more reliable but his line is banged up worse than it was

Go with Foles. Wilson doesn't do as well on the road, and last week was kind of unimpressive
(despite a good fantasy day), Foles is a huge risk but it may pay off.

What's the latest on Nick Foles of Arizona? Will he be starting against Stanford?

Haven't heard anything on the injury front lately. I guess it doesn't matter too much, because Scott has filled in quite nicely, but I've been anticipating a Luck vs. Foles showdown since the beginning of the college football season. As a Texas fan, I am envious of the amount of depth y'all have at the quarterback position. Foles, Scott and Beirne could all start for the Longhorns this season. The Pac 10 is exciting this season and is a bright spot to an otherwise dismal season from my perspective.

yes, he will.

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