What College Did Football Jim Brown Attend?

What are some College or Professional Football Players with Good Testimonies?

Just please help me, i would like to find some one famous to share their testimony with my youth group of 300.

I used to have a great one i shared a lot, (got it off Paul Harvey) but it doesn't work as well anymore. it was about OJ

Not sure the story is 100% accurate. but it starts as a very young boy that had to wear leg braces due to rickets. the young man meets his idol Jim Brown. he says "Mr. Brown, I plan too be able to walk without Braces some day, Jim Brown answers "that nice son, and attempts to walk away. then the young man says "Mr. Brown, I will play football some day" to which Brown answers good for you, then the young man says, Mr. Brown, I plan to play pro football. with this Jim Brown stops and listens to the boy. but his last statement is what really gets his attention. Mr. Brown, i plan to break every one of your records.

Jim Brown asks whats your name son. Orenthal James Simpson. was the reply

it shows you can do what you set your mind too.

Before i eat my delicious fajitas...... who is the....?

Greatest athelete to play NFL football. Bo Knows- Broken hip hr with sox 1st ab after surgery Deon Prime time HR and TD in Superbowl world series same year. Jim Brown-all time great. When playing lacrosse at syracuse did so well almost every rule today is structured to stop him. Add your own try to see who is the man. These are all great football players. I said athelete Jim brown did not just play lacrosse he reinvented it. I stand corrected. good thing i dont work for the associated press. thanks bud.

JIm Brown...he was great all-around and one of the best lacrosse players of all time too

fajitas... i'm jealous.

Do football fans today truly know how great Jim Brown was?

THe idea that Jim Brown played against 'all white boys' is ridiculous and not true. He played in an era when you damn near had to decapitate somebody to get a penalty called, where racism was still rampant and dirty tactics were used all the time. Teams threw the ball about 12-15 times a game back then so the entire defensive game plan was built around stopping Jim Brown and they STILL couldn't stop him. And I totally disagree that his game wouldn't translate. JIm Brown was 6'2 220 with tremendous speed. He was before his time. It would be like putting Peterson or Payton back in the 1960's. It was because of guys like Jim Brown paving the way that allowed guys like Peterson to do what they're doing now. He was outspoken and independent in an era where a black athlete was expected to just shut up and be glad he was being allowed to play at all. He is probably the most influential African American football player ever for his impact on and off the field. And yes, I'm aware he's also had some well publicized issues with women off the field as well. No excuse for that but his overall impact can't be overstated. He averaged 5 YPR and 100 YPG for a CAREER and never missed a game.

jim morrison??

where was jim morrison in 1963?

During 1963 Jim was actually living in Florida. Jim attended two colleges in Florida before moving out to California. Prior to going to Florida Jim lived with his parents in Alexandria, VA while attending high school. during that time Jim showed little ambition to apply to college, saying he would just go to a nearby college or live somewhere else and then go to college later on. After Jim graduated in 1961 he went to a community college in Clearwater. (Jim was born in, and lived in Florida earlier on in his life, that is why he was applied to go to school far away from Washington DC) After a year or so Jim transferred to FSU. I am pretty sure he was an undeclared major at Florida State but took classes that appealed to his interests. Jim either lived with his grandparents, or was living in a trailer that he bought that was located behind a girl's private school. It was in 64' he applied to be in UCLA and moved out to California.

Why won't Jim Ross announce for RAW anymore if he isn't retired?

Jim Ross enjoys working with Young up and coming Wrestlers. He is enjoying working for NXT. Moreover, as a University of Oklahoma Season Ticket Holder for College Football and Men's College Basketball he goes to as many University of Oklahoma Games as he can. By working for WWE/NXT, Jim Ross only has to go to Central Florida every week, rather than going all over the world. Jim Ross also goes to Stanford, Connecticut and does The Legends of Wrestling Roundtable Segments that we see on WWE Classics on Demand.

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