What Causes Xbox Live Lag?

What could be causing Xbox Live to suddenly lag for me?

For the past week my Xbox Live has been so laggy that it is almost unbearable to play and I am constantly getting lagged out of games and kicked offline. I have been playing on Xbox Live for years with no problem and now out of nowhere every game I play lags terribly. What could be causing it to lag all of the sudden? Nothing with my connection is different that it has been before so what could be the issue now?

Maybe you've overheated it?
Or you did not update your firmware to the new games?

(These are just guesses as I do not have Xbox!)

How do i get rid of my xbox 360 lag?

On my xbox 360 i have really bad lag on online games modes. I would like to know how to get rid of it because it is so annoying! When i test my xbox live connection it connects with no problem at all in about 20 seconds but as soon as i go online at one point i will have 4 bar connection then straight down to 1 bar for the rest of the game. Is there a way to slove this ?

Depends on your internet... you might have to upgrade. Make sure, if you can, that not many othere things are using your internet while you play Xbox because that can overkill your connection.

why does my xbox 360 lag when i play oblivion?

my xbox 360 lags when i play oblivion, it never used to and it doesnt lag when i play other games. the oblivion disc is clean. what could be the problem? any help is greatly appreciated. thanks! i dont have this xbox 360 connected to xbox live. oblivion used to run really good and now it freezes every few minutes and takes forever to load. it never used to freeze until a while ago.

Did you install it to your Hard Drive? I know that Microsoft warns you not to install Halo, because it will actually be slower, seeing as it was designed to be played off the disc. The same may be occurring to you.

Why can't I send friend requests on Xbox LIVE?

I wanted to send a friend request to two people, but the process failed and tells me to go on Xbox.com/support but that didn't help. I tried sending them a friend request not only the console, but on my phone and computer. I can't think of anything else to do but wait. I would appreciate if someone will help me out here.

Microsoft is experiencing technical difficulties since 3PM EST. You may have trouble getting online, joining friends games and parties, marketplace trouble, unable to send friend requests and random lag/glitching. They are working hard to restore these services to XBOX LIVE users. Keep trying every once in a while or check out their site status for updated information every 30 minutes. http://support.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-live-…


Has XBOX360 Live fixed the slow/lag online gameplay for UFC undisputed 2010 yet?

I saw on the ufc xbox site they said they know it's been horrible....i heard it's been really slow and lots of lag....has anyone tried it lately and is it fast or any better than previously? I plan on buying the game this week and was looking forward to playing online for the first time

It depends on who you're playing with. I have the game for Xbox 360, and most matches are as clean as a Exhibition match (Quality - Wise). So, yeah they kind of have fixed it.

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