What Causes Women Uti?

How often do pregnant women develop UTI? ?

I am 25 wks along and I found out today I got UTI. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics but I am worried this will cause problems in my pregnancy. Has anyone had a normal pregnancy and birth after having UTI ?

Lots and lots of women. UTIs are very common amongst pregnant women. You would be in more danger if the UTI does not clear up and moves up into a kidney infection or worse.

Women issues on UTI'S?

How long is it safe to use AZO before being able to see a doctor? I have a very painful UTI, my belly feels swollen as well

All the women in my family get uti's very easily. I take Cystex whenever i start feeling like one is comming on, I personally cant afford going to the dr. whenever i get one just for them to give me a very similar pill. Cystex helps treat the Uti, helps with the pain and it doesnt color your pee. You can get it and most stores.
If the Uti doesnt seem to get any better then go to the dr.

Hope you feel better

could a boyfriend who drinks beer cause utis in a woman?

I heard that when a man drinks beer, it can cause a woman to get uti's. I thought this was silly, but my boyfriend does drink beer and I do get frequent UTI's? Is this actually possible?

there is no link between beer and a UTI. women are much more prone to UTi's than men are, that is another reason why women get them more. you should just tell him you urinate before and after intercourse, this will get rid of any bacteria in his urethra so he doesn't pass them to you. you should do the same thing to avoid the bacteria culturing in you and prevent it from causing a new UTI to form.

Why do men get uti what is the main cause?

uti is mainly caused by lack of fluids, if a person is not drinking adequately then they are at risk of getting a uti, some people say good personal hygiene too but i think thats just a myth, your urine becomes more consentrated with not drinking plenty and lies dormant in the bladder this irratates the bladder and causes a uti women are also prone to them especially in the elderly.

How can u get a UTI?

cause i feel like i have to pee and i hardly "pee" anything and it is clear. and then afte ri "Pee" i have these pain near my vaginal area...i dont know wat it is? ppl tell me i may have a UTI, wat r the causes of a UTI, can u get one from being fingered????? im 14 and i think i did get a UTI from being fingered and wat can i do so i dont have to tell my mom or go c a doctor or anythin like that???

Uti's, more often than not, are caused by e coli, which lives in your intestines, that is why it is much more common for women to get uti's than men, the openings are closer together. And yes those are symptoms, go see your Dr, they can diagnose you in the office with a simple urine test. It can be treated with oral antibiotics, make sure you drink alot of cranberry juice that will help flush out the infection.

You will need to see a doctor, because Uti's are a form of bacterial infection, noone has to know how you got it, it is very common for girls to get Uti's, it can come from many different sources. Just go see your Dr because you will need antibiotics, they will not ask how you think you got it just focus on getting it fixed.

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