What Causes Wbc Count To Drop?

What can be the cause of low neutrophil and WBC count?

My neutrophil count (1.6) and my WBC (3.2) continues to drop...My doctor does not know the underlying cause. He gave me a B-12 shot and tells me to come back every 3 month. What foods should I eat to increase the count? Thanks!

I'm sure that your doctor didn't want to worry you. Some of the causes of low WBC count are pretty severe such as cancer (specifically Hairy Cell), and visceral leishmaniasis. VL could explain neutroprenia and low WBC, but your doctor would have figured that out if you have it. Wilson's disease isn't probable either. There are a list of causes.

It's difficult to suggest causes without knowledge of other symptoms. I presume that you have an infection. Have you had the flu recently?

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PS: B12 shots are used as treatment for anemia--not low WBC count. Even so, one injection every three months does nothing. Your doctor seems funny.

Try these foods: yoghurt, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, melons, oranges, fish oil (supplements), milk, boiled eggs, legumes, cereal, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and strawberries.

What does 'rare' beside the WBC in a semen analysis mean?

My husband and I just received a copy of his semen analysis back from the hospital. Everything looks fine but we don't understand what 'rare' means beside WBC? I understand that WBC means 'white blood count' but is this normal or something that should be concerning (the 'rare' beside it)? We have appt. with fertility specialist on the 6th of August. Just trying to find out some info. before we go in. . .

I would call the doctor and ask what the WBC for the Semen was. Generally, if there is over one million leukocytes per milliliter, it can cause infertility. However if the sperm has other problems (low count, immature sperm etc), it can cause more problems even with a slightly lower WBC count. High WBC counts indicate there is an infection. If the WBC count was high I'd have your husband get a check-up to see where the infection is. If you need any more help just post back and I may have the answers! Good luck! I know how frustrating it is! I went through this myself and it just drove me absolutely bananas. But I now have 3 healthy kids!!!!!!!!

Why does the white blood cell (WBC) count go below normal with a viral infection?

I've read the a bacterial infection can cause high WBC count, but a viral infection can cause a low WBC count. Why does the WBC go lower with a virus, but go higher with a bacterial infection.

Well, maybe. You can actually see both high and low WBC counts with bacterial AND viral infections.

So why can the WBC count go below normal with a viral infection? First you have to try to determine WHY the WBC count is low. For example, a low white blood cell count can be the result of a prior infection - too many WBCs have been called into action and have been used up. This makes an individual more susceptible to outside infections like viruses. So when a blood test is performed, the WBC will be low, and the person will have a secondary viral infection going on.

However, there are viruses that can lower the number of a particular type of white blood cell. For example, with neutropenia, certain viruses (e.g. Hepatitis B virus) can decrease the production of neutrophils. So, you may see a below normal neutrophil count in a viral infection.

The cautionary tale is this - viral and bacterial infections can BOTH raise/lower WBC counts. Leukopenia can be seen in some viral infections (HIV) or severe bacterial infections. Leukocytosis can be seen in some viral infections (infectious mononucleosis) or bacterial infections.

wht does a low percent of lymphocytes mean, while the absolute number of lymphocytes is normal?

I had a cbc done wbc slightly elevated, neutrophils slightly elevated lymphocytes were low, but the abslute lymphocyte was normal. should i be concerned? Im not feeling to well today and have my period, could that be a cause?

It means that your lymphocytes have not increased, but your neutrophil count has. If you normally have a 5000 total WBC count and lymphocytes make up 20%, then your absolute lymph count would be 1000. However, if your total WBC climbed to 10,000 due to an increase in neutrophils and your absolute lymphocyte count stayed the same, then your percentage of lymphocytes would drop to 10%.

Generally, an increase in lymphocytes means you've got a viral infection and an increase in neutrophils means you've got a bacterial infection.

wbc in terms of bacterial infection versus viral infections?

shouldnt wbc be increased in bacterial infections and decreased in viral (with exception of EBV)? why is it that wbcs increase in BIs but decrease in VIs?

You are right.

In bacteria infection, the WBC will be raised. Unless in geriatric,the physiology is slightly different. The patient may not have fever or increase WBC.

In viral infection, you are also right to say WBC decrease. However not all viral infection cause a drop in WBC.

I'm not sure what you are trying to ask. I hope you got the answer you wanted.

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