What Causes Us To Age?

what is metal age . ?

please give a note on metal age.

"Metal Age" would be the iron age, bronze age and copper age. These are preiods in history labels by the metal used in most tools. Before then was the stone age,While we're still in the Iron Age, some have suggested the "Silicon Age" is a better distription.

Could you measn "Mental Age"? IQ used to be computed by divining a tested mental age by the person's chronological age, then multipled by 100. As example if a 10 year old scored at a 15 year old level, the mental age would be 15.

When does the Age of Aquarius begin?

My friend told me we are or were in the age of Pisces and now the Age of Aquarius is beginning, but the website I just went to said that it was in the 1800's and will happen again in the 3000's. If that's true what age are we in right now? Or was that incorrect? (it was on Wikipedia) He also told me the age of Pisces is the age of war and Aquarius is the age of love. Is that true?

Some say it is somewhere in 2100 ,some say it already begun.
I hope we'realready in Aqua age ,as i'm Aquarius :)

What does age of consent mean?

For example, in latin america the general age of consent is 14, in some countries like bolivia it's even 12. So when they say the age of consent is 14, that means any adult can have sex with a 14 year old child and be completely within the law?????????? That is much, much different than USA then, because I always knew it was 18 and over in US.

The age of consent is the age above which two consenting people can legally have sex without being charged with statutory rape. Other charges are still sometimes possible, such as "corruption of a minor".

In Central America, the age of consent is between 15 and 18, not 14. and in Bolivia there is no age of consent per se, only puberty. Also, there is a law that applies to "seducing" a female under 17 years of age.

Finally, you are very wrong about the age of consent in the United States. In a majority of states, the age of consent is 16. In those where it is not 16, there are often close-in-age exceptions as well.

What can an 18 year old drink in Canada?

I know the drinking age in Canada is 18-19, but what exactly are they allowed to drink? Anything or is it only like 3.2 beer?

Drinking age is related to the age of majority in every province except Saskatchewan, Ontario and PEI. In these three provinces, the drinking age is 19, while the age of majority is 18. The rest of Canada has a drinking age the same age as the age of majority.

Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec are all 18.
B.C, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut are all 19.

Once you are of drinking age, you can legally drink any alcoholic beverage that is legal in the province/territory.

Do I need my Dragon Age Origin/Awakening to Play Dragon Age 3 when it come out?

anybody know if I need my Dragon Age Origin/Awekening to play Dragon Age 3 when it come out cuz im planning of selling the game or trade it in....as far as I know the Dragon Age 3 is going to be a different story so I might not need it just making sure im right.

what are you talking about? Dragon Age 3? , Dragon Age 2 isnt even out yet and i think its coming out next year or so

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