What Causes Swollen Xiphoid Process?

Why must one be careful not to press on the Xiphoid Process?

Why must one be careful not to press on the Xiphoid Process? its for 9th grade health.

If you mean during CPR, it is because it can lacerate the liver. It's somewhat pointy.

The xiphoid process also can break off if pressed REALLY hard.

Anyone have a protruding xiphoid process? ?

I have bad pain under breast bone, and pain in my spine. I was told that our xiphoid is connected to our rib cage and back. Not only pain but it's like a golf ball size. What Doctor do you see for this? I've never even heard of a xiphoid??? Went to a gastro Dr. today thinking it was a stomach issue. I think I need an ortho. and a CT Scan. This Dr. wants to do an endoscopy. yea sure! Don't think so. Do you need to get this removed?? Thanks for any advise.

You don't need your xiphoid process removed.

Common things are common. GERD is common and can cause the symptoms you described. Get the EGD, if that doesn't answer things, then see about a CT.

If a person is shot in the area where the xiphoid process is, does guarantee instant death?

The xiphoid process is that little bone where your ribs meet, right? 2 years ago I remember in gym class during first aid, my gym teacher said it's a 'killing spot'. So if I was to get shot in that area would I die instantly? Oh I also saw in a TV show where a person was shot there and they were dead within 5 seconds.

The xiphoid process lies over the liver. The liver is an organ that contains a lot of blood. Lacerate or tear the liver via something sharp or via blunt trauma; death is pretty much imminent and guaranteed.


In the case of a bullet; it largely depends if the xiphoid process deflects the bullet from the liver.

What causes the xiphoid process to enlarge? There is discomfort associated with it as well.?

I don't think it enlarges...as men get older and lose muscle in the chest area or suddenly get thin they can now see the hitherto masked( by fat/muscle) xiphoid process and it alarms them to see a bone sticking out of their chest

Does anyone know of a thoracic surgeon who is knowledgeable about the xiphoid process?

I need a thoracic surgeon who knows about the xiphoid process in Texas. If anyone knows of one, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Any doctor could tell you about the ziphoid process. It wouldn't have to be a thoracic surgeon.

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