What Causes Strep Throat?

Strep Throat?

How contagious is strep throat? and what are the symptoms?

Strep throat is a very contagious infection.

In general, signs and symptoms of strep throat include:

♣Throat pain
♣Difficulty swallowing
♣Red and swollen tonsils, sometimes with white patches or streaks of pus
♣Swollen, tender lymph glands (nodes) in your neck
♣Stomachache and sometimes vomiting, especially in younger children

It's possible for you or your child to have many of these signs and symptoms, but not have strep throat. The cause of these signs and symptoms could be a virus, tonsillitis or other illnesses. That's why your doctor generally tests specifically for strep throat.

It's also possible to have the bacteria that cause strep in your throat without having a sore throat. Some people are carriers of strep, which means they can pass the bacteria on to others, but the bacteria no longer make them sick.

How common is it for a person to have strep throat in the summer?

I been feeling sick recently since last thursday and I think I have strep throat. I am going to see my doctor but I was just curious to hear how many people develop strep throat in the summer time? I thought it only happened during the cold season? I know it can spread when another person is coughing near you or if someone close to you has strep throat already.

My daughter came home on Friday and has spent it all weekend sleeping it off with a fever and sore throat. It has been really warm here until the last four days or so, so this may have contributed to it.

She is a good indicator that you can get a sore throat anytime. As to strep throat, she is getting better so yours may be different..

I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of electrolytes and fluids in you. And rest up.



Strep throat is a bacterial infection of the tissues in the back of the throat and the tonsils. The tissues become irritated and inflamed, causing a sudden, severe sore throat. It is caused by streptococcal (strep) bacteria. The most common symptoms of strep throat are a sudden, severe sore throat; pain or difficulty swallowing; fever over 101° (38.3°); swollen tonsils and lymph nodes; and white or yellow spots on the back of a bright red throat. Strep infection may also cause a headache and abdominal pain. Less commonly, strep throat can cause a red skin rash, vomiting, loss of appetite, and a general feeling of discomfort or illness. Strep throat will go away in 3 to 7 days with or without treatment. However, strep throat is still treated with antibiotics even if they do not speed recovery. Antibiotics kill the strep bacteria, shorten the time you are contagious, and reduce the risk of complications, such as the infection spreading to other parts of your body. Antibiotics are effective in relieving symptoms of strep throat only if they are given within 48 to 72 hours after symptoms begin.

what is strep throat??

Ok so i have read loads of things on y!a about "strep throat" , whats is it becuase i have tried googling ti but i still dont realy know what it is! I have never heard nayone talk about it in engalnd...is it the same as tonsilitis? xoxoxo

Strep throat is when a bacteria, called Strep Pyogenes , also known as group A strep, causes an infection in your throat.

Basically the bacteria grows and causes a lot of irritation, the sore throat, the swollen neck, and the puss on the back of your throat. It can also cause swollen lymph nodes and a fever.

The term tonsilitis is really ust a general term for any type of infection in your tonsils. But, strep throat does tend to cause that in people as well as all the other symptoms.

If you have strep throat or think you may have it, it's important to get it taken care of because it can cause other complications in your body. It is known to cause scarlet fever as well as glomerular nephritis (shuts your kidneys down)

Going back to tonsilitis, for some reason, strep is really good at getting into your tonsils and the tonsils become so infected, they end up having to come out. I have a friend this happened to about 2 years ago. She had strep throat and tonsilitis (due to the strep) for about 8 months and finally they decided to take her tonsils out, and the strep never came back.

Anyways, good luck, and I hope that helps.

Is there any way to treat strep throat with OUT taking antibiotics?

I have strep throat and the doctor prescribed strep throat. But I am wondering, is there any way for it to go away with out me having to take antibiotics? Oops... I mean she prescribed antibiotics, she didn't prescribe strep throat LOL!

Your body can fight Strep throat on its own without too much problems. It will just take time.

HOWEVER, the problem with strep throat is that the bacteria in question has a few receptors (or appendages for the layman) that resemble those in your heart.

The complications that may emerge is that your immune system will recognise this receptor and attack the strep bacteria, however, there are chances that it will then think the receptors in your heart belong to the bacteria as well, and start attacking that.

Obviously this is highly undesirable, which is why docs will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection and get rid of it as soon as possible to prevent any complications from forming.

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