What Causes Sore Nipples If You Are Not Pregnant?

What causes sore nipples, and you're not pregnant?

I have had sore nipples for 3 days, my nipples are constantly hard and painful. There is no discharge, nor any discoloration of any sort from my nipples. I have my tubes tied and I know I'm not pregnant. It's not time for my cycle, and I have never experienced this pain before in my life. Please help me!

It isn't to much sex I take it. Apply a compress see if that helps. Odd that both are this way. New bra?

Just want to know what causes nipples to be sore?

I've been trying to do reasearch on what causes nipples to be sore...does it have to do with pregancy?

hormones. it happens to some women when they are developing, some women get sore nipples whe they are on their period, others get it while pregnant. unless you have had something irritating happen to your breast like a hard blow to them or excessive sucking then its hormones causing the soreness.

What could be the cause of my sore nipples?

I have a cold right now and my nipples are pretty sore. I am not sexually active. I heard it means I'm going to get my period but my menstrual cycle is so irregular that i haven't gotten my period in months. I am taking pills for this and have already seen the doctor about that, but what could be the cause of my sore nipples? is it because i have a cold or is it because of the cold weather??

Yes, when youre about to start, your nipples shoud be sore. So it just means youll start soon.

If my breasts and nipples are sore does that mean I probably ovulated?

After you ovulate there's a spike of progesterone and estrogen which causes sore breasts, so mine hurt pretty bad lately, can I be sure I ovulated because of this?

i think so yes. my breasts and nipples have been sore the past few days which i know then i have def ovulated and my period is due usually 5 days from when my nipples start getting sore.

Y do they feel this way?

ok so i have had sore nipples this last week, i am 10 days late on my period and i have taken test but all neg so far. i stopped taking my 2000 mg of metformin cold turkey. y am i getting such sore nipples? i am not worried about being pregnant, i wanna know y they hurt and if it has to do with the metformin. nowhere in my question did it say.. am i pregnant.

I was somewhat like you, kinda obsessed with getting pregnant. (sorry I don't mean to be mean) But what I started doing is facing reality and when I'm sure I'm not pregnant, I want my period to arrive soon, so I can start on a new cycle, another opportunity.
Take a blood test to be extra sure and then ask your dr. for provera or something to start your period and start on your new cycle and wait for next month.
I used to take dozens of test a month cause I was sure in my head that I was pregnant, and my body reacted to my thoughts, but I wasn't, so I started to face reality and do something about it instead.
Good luck, best wishes!
~TTC 6yrs.

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