What Causes Rpm To Jump?

04 corolla RPM jumping 2 to 4 driving on freeway?

it has been couple time already.. RPM jumped from 2k to 4k. The engine was so loud while speed stay in constant. cruise control was on, but unset. so.. should i worry about it and what may cause RPM to jump?

telling me that the engine is so loud an rpm is increasing sounds like the transmisson is down shifting from overdrive to drive you say the cruise control is on but not set try setting the cruise control if that dont work try removing the battery cable for about 7 min replace battery cable to clear codes in computer if this does not fix it you may have faulty cruise control switch it may be grounding out when you hit a bump in the road

i am in mechanical final year, suggest me some minor project related with pneumatics and hydraulics?

You can do a project in fixing up of a door in a manual lathe, if the rpm of the machine slows down say below 25 rpm a sensor sense the speed and gives signal to a solenoid to open the door and if the rpm raises say above 30 rpm the door should close automatically

why do my rpm jump up and down from 1000 to 1500 while the car is park?

my 93 honda accord rpm jump up and down from 1000 to 1500 while the car is park. when i turn on the car is normal but after i go somewhere and park it thats when does it.

This sounds like a sensor. Perhaps idling\throttle. I would start there. However, It could, also, be your O2 sensor. This will cause this to happen, and it is very easy to change on your own. However, you will need to buy\rent the wrench which is made to change this part out. If you don't know what you are doing, you may have a professional check it out, for you could really mess something up trying to fix another. This part will not be too costly. However, if you do not fix this problem, it could cause something else to mess up, resulting in unnecessary money to be spent, as auto parts can become costly. Take care in this. Good luck and God bless. Alias.

What is the difference between Mbps and rmp, when talking about the speed of a hard drive?

I need an external hard drive that is 7200 rpm, but online I can't find that number with the products all I see is 480 mbps. Whats the difference? Is 480 mbps equivalent to 7200 rmp? Please help.

RPM is how fast the hard drive's disk spins while mbps is how fast the tranfer rate for files is. The rpm does effect the transfer rate. To put it simply you have an rpm gage and a speedometer in a car. The rpm (HDD rpm) represents how fast the engine is spinning the wheals while the speedometer (mbps) is telling you how fast the car is going. I hope that makes sense. To be honest you should look for at transfer rate then rpm just because it is easier to decide what you need that way.

at 5800 rpm My 97 del sol si gets a surge of power?

after I reconnected a wire under my hood that seemed to have accidentally come undone I was driving around and when I reached 6000 rpm (when I usually feel the power drop off, I felt an enormous Surge in power and I accelerated alarmingly fast, this now happens every time my rpm reaches that level, I like it but.... what the hell is going on? why does it kick in at such a kick RPM? is this adjustable

Let me guess, the wire was on the left side of the engine just under a little silverish cylinder about 2 inches tall. This is your VTEC solenoid. If it was unplugged then when VTEC was supposed to kick in at 5800 RPM, you would have noticed a loss of power. Now that its hooked up again the VTEC will engage and the fun has just begun. There are a couple of nice VTEC controllers on the market that let you adjust when it kicks in, but I would HIGHLY suggest getting the APEX'I VAFC. It's about $200 and its the best you can get. You can adjust it down to like 3500 RPM's if you wanted to, but a good VTEC point is about 4500 RPM.

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