What Causes Rotten Egg Burps?

Can anyone help me understand why a newborn (6days) burps would smell like rotten eggs?

I have a 6 day old that I am strictly nursing and last night her burps started smelling like rotten eggs. Has anyone experienced this? I am on ferris sulfate could this maybe cause that smell if I do not need to be on it I wonder, any knowlegde please help. Thanks.

It's not from what she's eatting? It's from what your eatting.

Hope this helps.

How do i get rid of sulfur burps?

When you burp an it has the smell/taste of sulfur or rotten eggs, please answer im suffering

Sulfur burps could be from eating too much protein (so cut back), certain meds (ask whoever prescribed them) or from having an infection with Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes a lot of peptic ulcers (see a doctor).

What would cause a hard boiled brown egg to turn green other than being rotten?

Egg was brown cage free organic and not rotten. It was also cooked with several other eggs that did not end up green. Again, the egg was not rotten. The white was green. It was hard boiled. Any clues? OK thanks folks, however, it was the same size and cooked in a pot with several other eggs that were not green. Any ideas other than cooked too long?

The hen that laid the egg may have had a diet that was high in iron.

yucky burps not diarrhea?

since 2 days ago ive been having these bad tasting burps. 2 days ago they were very loud and frequent. less burps yesterday. but today the burps are frequent but subtle. like i dont realise i burped until the taste comes in my mouth. i dont have diarrhea, i haventbeen going to the toilet any more frequently and barely eat any vegetables to have excessive fibre intake?? i have no idea what it is..not from eating meat either cause i had to be vegetarian this month..i hate this burps. they taste like the burps i used to get when took anti-biotics 2 years ago.. HELP me pleaseeeeee?

You must be eating too much of foods that cause gas in the stomach, causing the burps. The bad taste could be from strong flavored foods. Cabbage, beans, broccoli, cauliflower are some of the foods that cause stomach upset and gas.

Does anybody know why my daughter burps smell like rotten eggs?

My daughter came home from school today with a stomach ache.And she burp in the car and it smell like rotten eggs.Is there a reason why they smell like this?

It could be from the contents in her stomach! This can also cause bad breath too.

The body does produce sulfur in the digestive/gastrointestinal tract. Sulfur smells just like rotten eggs. It could be a sign of an allergy to a certain type of food.

Does she have any other side effects like stomach cramps, constipation, loose bowel movements, etc? I would go to a dr and have allergy tests down. I don't think it's anything to panic over but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Best wishes to you and your little girl~~~ <3

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