What Causes Ppf To Shift Inward?

HELP! Determine whether each of the following would cause the economy’s PPF to shift inward, outward, or not..?

at all: a. An increase in average length of annual vacations b. An increase in immigration 2. (Production Possibilities) Under what conditions would an economy be operating inside its PPF? On its PPF? Outside its PPF? 3. (Specialization and Exchange) Explain how the specialization of labor can lead to increased productivity.

a. PPF shifts in because the labor supply is less (assuming the vacations happen outside of the country!)

b. PPF shifts out because labor supply increases

2. Inside PPF -- economy is using its inputs inefficiently. On its PPF -- perfectly efficiently. Outside PPF -- doesn't usually happen, since PPF defines all production possibilities, although could happen (unsustainably) for a little while. If a technological improvement arises, the PPF should expand outward to encompass it.

3. Each specialty operates in the area where it has comparative advantage. The total PPF is larger with division of labor because each person is relieved of tasks they are relatively bad at, which frees up time for tasks at which they are relatively good.

is it possible to transfer the ppf account that i am maintaining in a post office to a bank?

I am maintaining a ppf account in a post office and i would like to transfer that ppf account to any other banks that offer ppf account. I would be greatful, if any one can give me an answer as to is it possible to transfer the account? If yes, what is the proceedure?

Yes you can transfer your PPF to a bank , you may be charged to do so however. This site gives you some information about what to do.

Can anyone open a PPF in Punjab National Bank? Which is better SBI,or Punjab National Bank?

Can anyone open a PPF in Punjab National Bank? Where shoud one open a PPF? In SBI,Punjab National Bank,or Post office? which give better returns? What formalities r required?

you can open ppf account in any bank as the money will go to ppf trust and not remain with the banks. banks are only the medium through which you can put money in PPF so irrespective of any bank you money goes to the ppf trust

Can a nations production possibilities frontier ever shift inward?

I have no freakin idea. Please help!

absolutely. It is occurring right now in the United States.

When the opportunity cost of producing anything increases it can cause the PPF to shift inward, meaning that it costs more to produce something that to purchase it. Think of it like this: the U.S. can produce X units of guns, while producing Y units of butter (classic examples). To increase gun production, butter production will now be lower than Y. The inverse is also true.

Whats happening in America is that the opportunity cost of producing anything is too great. We are transforming from being a producing nation to being a consuming nation. Our PPF is shifting inward because of this transformation.

state three assumptions underlying the PPF?

The first assumption seems to be that anyone knows what the PPF stands for. I have found at references to at least 3 different organizations and/or fund groups that use the initials PPF in describing what they are or what they do.

The second assumption is that after I guess at which PPF you are referring to, that I can give you the three assumptions that you are looking for. Life is full of assumptions, so you are assuming that I can figure out if you are referring to basic assumptions or hidden assumptions.

The third assumption is that you would get an answer to this question that would lead you to the response that would help you in the endeavor that precipitated this question in the first place.

Or do I assume too much?

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