What Causes Plane To Fly?

What ocean does the San Francisco to Beijing plane fly over?

I'm just wondering, does the plane fly all across USA, Europe and the Atlantic to get to China, or does the plane just simply fly over the Pacific and Japan, and a few of those other oriental nations? Just wondering, cause my class is going there this summer, was just curious, if you know please answer, or provide a link. I know to fly over the Pacific would probably be faster, at least it looks like a shorter flight time, but the paths are weird though, so anyways respond, thanks in advance.

flying west across the pacific is the way they go.

How fast does each plane fly?

a jet plane flying 150 mph faster than a propeller plane 5280 miles in 5 hours less than the propellor plane takes to fly the same distance. How fast does each plane fly?

v jet plane = 5280 / 5 = 1056 miles /h
v propeller plane = 1056 - 150 = 906 miles /h

time propeller plane for 5280 miles = 5280 / 906 = 5.8278 h = 5h 49 min 40s


How did Rene Descartes discover the Coordinate plane?

Give the source, please <3

René Descartes was a French man who lived in the 1600s. When he was a child, he was often sick, so the teachers at his boarding school let him stay in bed until noon. He went on staying in bed until noon for almost all his life. While in bed, Descartes thought about math and philosophy.

One day, Descartes noticed a fly crawling around on the ceiling. He watched the fly for a long time. He wanted to know how to tell someone else where the fly was. Finally he realized that he could describe the position of the fly by its distance from the walls of the room. When he got out of bed, Descartes wrote down what he had discovered. Then he tried describing the positions of points, the same way he described the position of the fly. Descartes had invented the coordinate plane! In fact, the coordinate plane is sometimes called the Cartesian plane, in his honor.

How can you travel by plane in Gta 3?

In the Gta 3 manual says you can travel by plane. But the only plane you can get on is the dod and it sucks so can you travel do different parts of the city by plane?

GTA 3 is very old and has very less features.......it doesn't even has bikes......so flying the dodo is the only way to travel by a plane.......you can see helicopters at the casino and police station but u can't fly them......the game is designed in such a way that in most of the missions u will have go by cars only........
To fly the dodo u will have to go to St.Francis Intl. Airport and get the dodo there and take it to the far end of the runway and make it run all the way long till the other end of the runway and keep on tilting and raising the nose of the plane.....

How does the first airplane of the Wright brothers work and fly and how did they find out how to fly a plane?

How did the first plane lift and how did the Wright brothers come up with an answer or solution of how to fly? I need this answer ASAP! Thanks!

I guess that you will fail this homework question then.

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