What Causes Pc Games To Freeze?

why do some of my steam games freeze?

when i try to play Red Orchestra 2 or L4D2, the games freeze before i can eveen find a server to join. and i have a hard time getting the game to stop running. opening the task manager and trying to end the prosess does not work. i have to restart my computer. games like RAGE, COD, CCS and most other games work fine. do i have to re install steam? my video drivers are up to date.. and i know that my pc's specs are not causing the problem.

Because your dad

Can installing Xbox 360 games on a hard drive increase the chances of/cause the games to freeze?

Is it possible that installing Xbox 360 games on a hard drive and playing them that way, as opposed to simply loading in the disc and playing the game off of the disc itself, can cause the games to freeze/glitch/mess up? Or, rather, could doing that cause the games to freeze/glitch/mess up MORE than if they were played just by loading the disc and playing the games off of the disc?

I would believe so just Google it, go on YouTube or call the Xbox hotline

what if i lost the activator part to the dr scholls freeze away?

i bought the dr scholls freeze away but i cant find the box, is there another way i can activate the freeze away?

Just look in the internet, but I think not. You might have to buy a new one.
So here are the instructions how to use it..


How do you use freeze panes microsoft excel 2010?

I dont know how to use freeze panes in microsoft excel

theres a 'View' tab at the top click that u ll see 'Freeze Panes'
u can freeze top row , top column and also a thid option that jus says freeze panes in tht if ur selected cell is say 'D3' and hit freeze panes the column before 'D' i.e 'C' and the row above '3' i.e '2' will get freeze

Can you freeze bread from frozen dough the reason I ask is because every time I ask in the coop?

When they put the price down in the coop to shift bread and rolls they would chuck away they say you can't freeze it I don't understand :(

You can freeze dough. Generally when dough is frozen though a bit more yeast is used as some may be killed off during the freeze thaw.
The only thing that may occur is the bread may not rise as much as it normally would. If you are getting a great deal on the dough go ahead and freeze it. It would be perfect for pizza dough, more of a flat bread.

You could also bake the bread then freeze the baked bread.

Go for it!!!

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