What Causes Nhl Cancer?

How likely is it that Lymphoma Cancer is genetic?

Can it run in your family like other cancers? Or is that a myth? Specifically Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

NHL is not genetic but some families do have a slight predisposition to develop various types of NHL (usually not the same exact disease). This might be due to living together in the same area where there is environmental or radiation pollution and has nothing to do with genetics. There is no direct link like if your mother had NHL then your chances of developing NHL are 10%. Also, some types of NHL put a person at risk for developing second types of NHL that are of differing type and aggressiveness. Whatever immune defect causes the first NHL can also tend to cause a second type of NHL in the same person. There is a lot that is not yet known about specific causes for NHL. Much of today's info about cause of NHL is just speculation and not proven facts.

Difference in NHL 11 and 12?

i just bought nhl 11 used for 26.99 at gamestop used and its amazing! should i return nhl 11 and buy nhl 12. and are their big improvements in 12. is their enough reason to spend another 30 or plus dollars for nhl 12?

NHL 12 has the Winnipeg Jets, and updated rosters. In NHL 12 you can break the glass, fight the goalie, hit the goalie, pop helmets off, break sticks, etc. And there is and improved sim engine, including better AI.

How do you get thyriod cancer?

What are the causes? I mean look at robert ebert, it has basically ruined him, what did he do to deserve this?

Most of the time, there is no known cause. However, if people have been exposed to excessive radiation/ nuclear exposure (Chernobyl, 3 mile island, Hiroshima, x-ray treatments for acne in the 1950s, radiation therapy for NHL).

EDIT: No, no, no. Thyroid cancer did not ruin Roger Ebert, complications from Parotid cancer did. Ebert had cancer of the salivary gland in the 1980s, and it came back after his treatment for his thyroid cancer. I don't think the two are connected...but it is possible.

What person deserves cancer??? Why did I get it at 21?

Should I get NHL 14?

I want to get NHL 14 but I'm not sure if i should. I'm sort of a hockey fan and watch the avalanche when nothing else is on TV. I already got madden 25 and it isn't that great. Madden and nhl are both made by ea sports. Is NHL developed better? Also will i enjoy this game even though i am not too big of a hockey fan? Also to add, the last NHL i got was NHL 09

Any hockey fan should get this game. Alot of people have said it's the same as NHL 13 but I disagree and I think this game has improved the most since 08. The hitting is amazing, they finally changed fighting and the skating and deking in this game is also very diffrent from NHL 13. It is an EA game so they have some issues and theres alot of stuff they can improve on but this is the best NHL game since 08. Just my opinion though but I enjoy it!!

Will the NHL players on Olympic teams still play for NHL?

Will the Olympic Games interfere with NHL and will players be forced to skip NHL games?

The NHL just came to the usual Olympic agreement over the weekend and released a NHL schedule that takes an Olympic break.

Olympic players shouldn't miss any NHL games.

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