What Causes Lupus?

Will I get Lupus? is it hereditary?

My mother is having lupus. The doctor said lupus is not contagious, however I am worried as someone told me that it is hereditary. Will I get lupus?

You are right, lupus is not contagious, however heredity might be a reason for acquiring lupus. However you need to give more information about the kind of lupus your mother is experiencing. If your mother is having a drug induced lupus, then chances of you getting it is far less.

Some of the things you need to know about lupus are
1) Women are 8 times more vulnerable in getting this disease, and recent research shows that certain female hormones might aggravate and induce lupus.
2) Heredity plays a role.

Check the 11 criteria to check if you are at risk of getting lupus, if you don't have any you are safe, however make sure to have a healthy food rich in anti-inflammatory content in it.. like turmeric, garlic and so on. Avoid worrying and stress.

How did the Lupus disease get its name?

ok.. I know that Lupus is Wolf in Latin. But how did the disease, lupus get its name? Was it named after the wolf? I know that both people and dogs can get lupus, .. and I've just been wondering how and when the disease got it's name?


" It was given its name by a 19th century French doctor who thought that the facial rash of some people with lupus looked like the bite or scratch of a wolf ("lupus" is Latin for wolf and "erythematosus" is Latin for red)."

Lupus Message Board?

Does anyone know what happened to the lupus message board at www.mtio.com/lupus ? Or, does anyone know of any easy to navigate boards for lupus? The ones I find are kind of weird and I don't really know how to figure them out. Thanks

I own a Lupus message board/ support group. I dont know if it would fit your personality, we are a bit zany, but do cover lupus as well as related diseases, and their issues. we have a vast amount of lupus related files, and articles. here is our link.



Recently diagnosed with Lupus, need help understanding it.?

I was diagnosed with lupus, the doctor said it is "weak" and that its on the lower end of the lupus spectrum. I just wanted to know if it could get worse over the years? Also wondering what the life expectancy is? I'm just confused about Lupus, can someone just give me a general overview of how to deal with it and how it'll effect my life. Thankyou X

Lupus isn't the death sentence it us to be. There are many medications that are used to treat Lupus now and many of them are pretty safe. Lupus is the term used to describe many conditions such as Drug Induced Lupus, Discoid Lupus, Timid Lupus, Systemic and Neonatal. When your doctor says 'lower end' he may be referring to just the types of Lupus that involve the skin. If this is the case then you're in a fortunate position. If you have systemic but the rheumatologist is calling it weak, you're also in a fortunate position. Lupus can range from mild to life threatening and anywhere in between.

Hopefully they will be monitoring your kidney function. Are you on any medications? And do you have a good rheumatologist? Your Lupus might stay mild or it might get worse, there is no way for anyone to predict it.


When is Lupus Awareness Month?

When is Lupus Awareness Month? Someone I know has Lupus and I want to show my support and concern but, I did some research onto when Lupus awareness month is and I found that, May is Lupus Awareness month and so is October. So there are 2 Lupus awareness months?

It was originally in October but now it's in May.

This website may be able to assist you in finding events and giving donations and the like:

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