What Causes Liver Enzymes To Be Elevated?

Can elevated liver enzymes cause a fever?

And can anorexia cause elevated liver enzymes?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that involves severe restriction of calories, distorted body image and varied adverse effects on the body. Serious health consequences from anorexia include heart arrhythmia, osteoporosis, anemia, neurological and gastrointestinal problems and liver damage. Elevated liver enzymes are a frequent complication with anorexia and indicate that the liver cells are damaged or inflamed. Alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST) are the two liver enzymes most commonly found elevated in blood tests.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/365389-what-are-the-causes-of-elevated-liver-enzymes-in-anorexia/#ixzz2044BIXMH

Many illnesses can cause fever and elevated liver enzymes. Have you been sick lately?

What could cause liver enzymes to be elevated?

My husband had a blood test done recently. Got a letter from his doctor that said his liver enzymes are elevated a bit. Just wondering what could be possible causes. Thanks.

My mother had elvated liver enzymes, she had a diet imbalance and diabetes. It could be inflammation like hepatitis, sclerosis, or a form of nutrition imbalance. I have too much vitamin A and too little anything else and had the same problem

Absolute lymphocyte elevated / liver enzymes elevated?

Anyone one here know anything that would cause these type of results? The lymph has been slightly elevated about three months just found out about the liver enzymes. Hope for a response sincerely okedocke

A liver problem usually starts out as
inflammation inside the liver cells. This can
be caused by any number of reasons:
alcohol consumption, medication toxification,
chemical exposure, biliary problems,
fatty liver (NASH), viral infections like Hep A,B,or
C...and there are still other causes.

When the liver cells are damaged or are
having a problem, the lymphocyte (immune system)respond and causes this inflammation in the liver. If caught early on and if the cause can be removed...you may be started on medication
and the liver will heal. However, if it is
not treated and it continues on...it can cause
death of the liver cells, scarring inside the liver
and then this is known as cirrhosis of the liver
and then the only thing the doctors can do
is try to slow the progression of the cells
dying down. It doesn't sound like you are
this far and with treatment you can be cured.
The best doctor to be with, if this does
involve your liver, is either a gastroenterologist
or a hepatologist. Sometimes, these level
can be elevated and it isn't a liver problem...but
a blood problem.

What does it mean if your liver enzymes are elevated?

I took a blood test at the doctors bc I have been feeling sick for a few months and they said my liver enzymes were highly elevated and I needed to have abdominal ultrasound as soon as possible. I'm really scared. Can someone please tell me what this means? Am I gonna die from this?

The liver clears toxic things from the body by sacrificing some of its cells. This is a normal process and the liver quickly regenerates. When liver cells are being sacrificed, the enzymes increase. A high enzyme finding doesn't mean much of anything by itself - that's why additional info is needed. Liver enzymes commonly become elevated by prescription medicines, taking over the counter pain medications, repeated exposures to chemical vapors, and from viral infections. Its possible you had an ordinary cold or flu that is still affecting the liver or maybe you had mononucleosis a few months ago and the liver has not recovered.

The ultrasound will show if the liver is enlarged. If the liver is enlarged, then the docs need to figure out why, maybe by performing additional blood tests or getting a sample of liver tissue to examine. If the liver is not enlarged, they will probably just test you again in 2 -3 weeks to see if things clear up.

At this point there's not much to worry about, especially since you have been feeling sick. That's a pretty good indication that the cause of the problem is probably from having some type of infection. Ask your doc lots of questions after you get your ultrasound.

Elevated SGPT (ALT)?

My Son who is 23 years old was tested everything was normal except that SGPT was 83 a day earlier and 66 the next day. Kindly help in this regard Iqtidar

The only source of ALT in the body is the liver. elevated ALT could (does not always) be a sign of liver disease. One day is not long enough to wait between tests, and the elevation is very slight. In my practice, I usually wait 2 weeks to a month before repeating the liver function tests. If the elevated test persists, I test again after another month, and if the test is still high, I do a panel of tests for hepatitis A, B and C.

Besides hepatitis, elevated liver enzymes may result from any of a variety of causes. There are other infections that can cause injury to the liver. Biliary and gallbladder stones can also cause abnormal liver enzymes, although an elevated alkaline phosphatase is more typical of obstruction of bile ducts. There are substances that are toxic to the liver. Perhaps the most common of these is alcohol. A deadly one that has largely been removed from commercial products is carbon tetrachloride. There are metabolic causes, and on and on. Any standard medical textbook should contain a list of the many causes of elevated transaminases (ALT is alanine aminotransferase, formerly abbreviated SGPT, which stood for serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase).

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