What Causes Lbm?

what causes lbm, thirst and a feeling of acidity in the stomach?

i thought i was having an ulcer attack, but then i had LBM. is this food poison? or could it be something else?

I'm not sure what you mean by "LBM". You need to clarify this a little.

What do you do to recover after you have LBM or diarrhea for 2 days?

I had LBM (Low Bowel Movement) for two days and I always feel weak and hungry after that. What shall I do to restore to my normal condition?

You should replace your fluids you lost . Someone said by drinking gatoraid no this isnt healthy at all . There is several drinks in the med. department anything with electrolites is good gatoraid has sugar which isnt good . Drinking water and I would stay away from foods that can cause gas . Eat small amounts until you are sure it is gone . Crackers are good to eat on threw out the day and drink plenty of water and fluids just try to stay away from things with sugar until your BM is back to normal./

How to determine the mass of a car in lbm?

A car weights 2000 lb. Working directly with the formula “w = m g”, determine the mass of the car in slugs. Working again directly with the formula “w = m g”, determine the mass of the car in lbm. Solve this problem directly in US customary units. Do not convert to SI for intermediate calculations.

g in US system is 32.2 ft/sec2
then 2000 pounds = mass of the car x 32.2
then mass of the car is 2000/32.2 = 62.11 slugs

Good luck!

What is the excel formula for having two cells reflect inverse answers given one formula?

I have the equation that kg = lbs/2.2 I want to be able to enter in a cell (for lbs) and if do the math to enter in another cell (for kg) and vise versa. Basically I want to have 2 cells only - If i am provided with kg, then i want it to perform the necessary math to fill in the cell for lbs. - If i am provided with lbs, then i want it to perform the necessary math to fill in the cell for kg. ___ The problem I guess i am having is that i am trying to type into cells that also have formulas. Example of what I want to happen. A1 = kg A2 = lbs If I enter 10 (in A1 for kgs), then I want A2 to fill in with 22 (10*2.2). Then If I instead adjust the weight to 88lbs in cell A2, then I would except A1 to self adjust to 40 from 10 (88/2.2). Thus can you enter into a cell while there is an embedded formula in that same cell?

Put your pounds in A1, your kg in B1


will give you kgs


will give you lbs

You can also use the CONVERT function:

=CONVERT(A1, "lbm", "kg")

or reverse:

=CONVERT(B1, "kg", "lbm")

What is the difference between lbm and lbf?

I am confused to the different measurements. What is the difference between lbm and lbf? Is 1 lbm = 1 lbf? How are they different to the conventional lb used in north america? Thanks to any help in advance. I appreciate it.

A purist like myself wants to do away with pounds altogether...and just stick to the SI unit system kilogram and Newton.

But for those who still insist on thinking in pounds:
lbf is a unit called force basis pounds.
lbm is a unit called mass basis pounds.

This device measures in lbf (call it a scale, never a balance):

This device measures in lbm (call it a balance, never a scale):

They essentially ARE just two interpretations of the conventional pound, since in common experience, it is difficult to know the difference as our culture mixes them up constantly.

Most people who use the conventional pound are naive to the difference between mass and weight. People who do, want to distinguish which they actually refer to.

Suppose I have a 10 pound box
Suppose I have a pounds calibrated spring scale.

If I hang this box on the scale, the scale displays 10 pound.

But, what if I orient the spring scale sideways? Suppose the box is supported by a table. Suppose now I pull on the box sideways, and the scale displays only 5 pounds.

What is the scale measuring? What does a spring scale actually measure?

Does it measure weight? Sort of, but think again.
Does it measure mass? No, not at all.

What can I say the scale was measuring in BOTH cases that I used it in the above example?


The spring scale measures the force of tension. It is only an illusion that you think it measures weight. You cannot directly measure the force of gravity. You can only measure directly the forces that constrain an object (tension/compression/etcetera).

You can say that this crate was held against gravity by a force of tension of 10 lbf. Or you can say this crate was pulled sideways by a force of 5 lbf. In either case, you are studying a force, so you use the force-basis pounds.

Weight is one example of a force...the force of gravity on an object.

Mass is not a force though. Mass is the measure of amount of material of an object. Alternatively, for a better definition, you can say mass is a quantitative measure of the inertia of an object.

Inertia is an intrinsic property of matter that makes it stubborn to change its state of motion.

A good demo contrasting the two properties of mater...participation in gravity vs inertia:

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