What Causes Hangnails?

How do i get rid or hangnails?

I tend to get manicures a lot and because of the hangnails it doesn't make my nails look nice. i wanna find an inexpensive way to get rid of it. i already tried clipping away the hangnails with a nail clipper but it keeps growing back. and i hate the way lotion feels on my skin. anyway to help?

The main cause of hangnails relates to the dryness of the cuticles. The cuticle is the area of skin surrounding the nail. When this area becomes dry, the cuticles depart partially from the nail region and become troublesome. The condition of a hangnail can worsen if individuals pick or pull at them so if one has a hangnail it is best to try to avoid doing this.

Check this site for information about how to treat hangnails.


Why do we get cuticles?

They're annoying

cuticles are the skin protecting the deep nail bed. what is annoying is hang nails, which happens when a piece of the cuticle gets torn and then dries up.

A hangnail or agnail is a small, loose strip of torn skin near a fingernail or toenail. Hangnails are usually caused by dry skin or (in the case of fingernails) nail biting, and may be prevented with proper moisturization of the skin.

When attempting to remove a hangnail, additional skin may be painfully ripped off if its attachment if not broken properly. This may lead to a painful infection called paronychia. Therefore, hangnails should usually be cut using nail scissors or a nail clipper; biting them frequently makes it worse. People with a hangnail should be careful to cut it all off and rub hand lotion into the cuticles two to three times a day.

The term "hangnail" is misleading, as a hangnail is not an actual piece of nail. It's dead, dried skin, not nail, the latter being made up of mostly calcium and a fibrous protein, known as keratin.

What does cuticle oil do?

Cuticle oil is an intensive moisturizer used on the cuticles to keep them soft, pliable and moisturized. Estheticians often use it before pushing back cuticles during a manicure.

If you are prone to dry skin, you may find you get frequent hangnails (rough, ragged cuticles). These can be painful, annoying, and put you at risk for an infection (called a paronychia) in the cuticle area. Dry hands and cuticles are typically more of a problem in the winter due to frequent exposure to cold, dry air.

You can use cuticle oil at home, too. Actually, any oil will work - baby oil, massage oil, even olive oil will do in a pinch. Massage a small amount into your cuticles, then follow up with a nice, thick cream on your hands before you go do bed. Your hands (and cuticles) will thank you!

how to push back cuticles //?

Explain Thanks

Sterilize the cuticle pusher and cuticle nipper using alcohol.

Apply a small amount cuticle remove to the base of your nails. This product softens up the cuticles and makes them easier to push back.

Use the stone cuticle pusher. Hold the tool at a slight angle gently push back the dry skin of the cuticles towards your nail base. Remember to push back the cuticles along the sides of the nail as well.

Examine the condition of the cuticles. Wipe away any dead skin that has flaked off from cuticle pusher. Problems with removing cuticles could indicate they are still not soft enough. Repeat Steps 1 and 2, as needed, before proceeding to the manicure.

Cut off any hangnails with a cuticle nipper. Be careful to keep from cutting too deep or removing too much of the cuticle.

Use cuticle moisturizing creams such as olive oil to keep cuticles from becoming dry. Apply multiple times daily to ensure your cuticles stay moisturized.


What is the proper way to trim men's nails?

I was brought up thinking it was proper for a man to trim his nails straight across, not rounding the corners, to reduce hangnails and ingrowns; in fact it looks like nail clippers are designed to do just that. If that is the case, why then are they so tiny? I have to use toe clippers on my fingers to get a nail off in one clip, and heaven forbid if I need to clip my toenails. My nails are not any bigger than anyone elses, mind you. Any suggestions?

Follow the natural curve of your nail! You won't get ingrowns on your hands, that's just your toes, they should be cut straight across. Wearing shoes most of then time can cause your toe nails to grow in.
I have to use toe nail clippers, too, my nails are strong. Please use a nail file! Your wife or girfriend will thank you for having smooth nails when you want to get intimate, trust me! I have introduced every man in my life to the nail file early on, lol! I can't get graphic, but just think about it! Ragged, jagged nails are no fun.
Don't be afraid to invest in a nail brush if you get dirt under them, too. That's a major turn-off! So are rough callouses. Use a pumice stone, hand and foot scrub, or something on them. If you suffer from dry or cracked hands, use a good lotion, at least before bed and after you shower. Udderly Smooth is a great one! Ladies love a man with clean, smooth, well-groomed nails and hands!

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