What Causes File Corruption?

What can the average Filipino do to stop corruption of its government?

Corruption in the Philippine government goes from the bottom up. Each civil worker finds their own way to gain a monetary advantage from its citizens.

You can file and present petitions to the elected officials and if they refuse to act vote them out of office, it isn't much but corruption is rampant throughout the world and not much can be done anyplace except try to get honest people into positions where they can control it. The only other way is mass protests as is occurring in the mid east and replace the powers from the top down.}{

What corruption in this world do you see? We all have different ideas about all kinds of stuff dont we?

I'm wondering what type of corruption do you see? Or if you dont see any corruption? Or if you only see corruption? Any thoughts on the subject are welcome... As if I could stop you from giving them heh.

I don't know if it's necessarily corruption, but I don't think there's enough what you call, "wholesome" relationships among people. Why sexual portrayals of women precede any other nobler qualities...is a bit distressing at times. I hope there will be changes in the future regarding women. There's so much cheap entertainment it ruins the normal and healthy expectations of everyone in this culture.

Who are some Latin Born artists fighting against corruption?

As a Spanish project I was told to choose an issue I thinks needs fixing in the world. I chose the topic of corruption. I was then told to find a Latin Born artist who is working to stop the issue. Does anyone know a Latin artist fighting against corruption?

Shakira, l don't know if she fights corruption but she does help a lot in organizations and stuff,l guess pooverty is an effect of corruption and at the same time a cause of it.

what's the Mollen Commission?

The Mollen Commission is formally known as The City of New York Commission to Investigate Allegations of Police Corruption and the Anti-Corruption Procedures of the Police Department.

Former judge Milton Mollen was appointed in July 1992 by then New York City mayor David N. Dinkins to investigate corruption in the New York City Police Department. Mollen's mandate was to examine and investigate “the nature and extent of corruption in the Department; evaluate the departments procedures for preventing and detecting that corruption; and recommend changes and improvements to those procedures”.

Mollen issued a report in July 1994. The conclusion:

Today's corruption is not the corruption of Knapp Commission days. Corruption then was largely a corruption of accommodation, of criminals and police officers giving and taking bribes, buying and selling protection. Corruption was, in its essence, consensual. Today's corruption is characterized by brutality, theft, abuse of authority and active police criminality.

The Mollen Commission believed that the creation of an independent commission to monitor the anti-corruption activities of the Police Department, and help keep the NYPD vigilant in this area, would help break these cycles of corruption.

Accordingly, the Mayor,with the support of the Police Commissioner, created The Commission to Combat Police Corruption on February 27, 1995 by Executive Order No. 18.

What does MD5 mean?

in relation to file paths etc

MD5 is a file integrity checker. The MD5 program looks at files and generates a special 'hash' (code) for each file. You use a MD5 checker with the MD5 file to check files for possible corruption or changes. It's for security -- if the file changed just a tiny little bit from when the MD5 code was generated, the whole hash would change., and you'd know something went wrong. You can use a program such as FileCheckMD5 to check the MD5s for you.

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