What Causes Fbi Virus?

How do you get rid of FBI Virus on a Guest Account?

I was on the internet studying and next thing i know my screen freezes and a voice saying something about laptop being lockdown by fbi...and then i was reading the message and they said i had to pay 300 dollars...I went to youtube and tried to take the virus off and it didnt work...Then when i tried to erase the virus off my Guest side of computer it didnt work..So i went to turn off my Guest side and went to my main account on the laptop and everything is normal..So i went to turn my Guest side back on.When it turned on i went to that side and the FBI virus was still there..So i turned it off again. I really need help cause they said i have 3 days to do it and i dont want them to shut my whole Laptop down.

Remove the FBI MoneyPak Ransomware or the Reveton Trojan


Is the fbi virus gone off my computer?

I got the fbi virus (and no I was not watching, nor do I watch porn), I got this virus because I uploaded an unsafe file. I immediately pressed my power button after the thing was popped up for about 15 seconds (I didn't bother reading it) and then rebooted it into safe mode. I then did a system restore. And it is now currently in a full scan by microsoft security essentials. The thing hasn't popped up yet. Is it gone?

Wait and see what the scan results are. Further you could run a Malicious Software scan: go to start and type mrt and run it. That and the System Restore you should be good.

Questions on FBI hrt?

I recently saw a actual FBI video about the hrt but in it they said FBI hrt and FBI field swat teams so I want know are they separate FBI swat and hrt ? And also how many hrt teams are their ?

There is one FBI HRT based in Quantico VA, and they are broken up into squads so that they are not all on stand-by all the time. The regional FBI SWAT Teams will handle most warrants, and "fill the gap" until FBI HRT can arrive

How to remove fake FBI MoneyPak Virus?

I'm trying to remove a fake FBI virus from my computer that's asking for me to pay $200. My problem is the virus won't let me go into safe mode at all. I've tried regular safe mode, then safe mode with networking, then safe mode with prompt command. With all three the same thing happens. Windows boots up then the FBI moneypak virus screen pops up. I can't access my computer at all. How do I remove this virus if I cannot get to access in the safe modes ?

It's most likely that new ransomware going around. Like most ransomware, this piece of malware makes it nearly impossible to access your computer. The easiest method to get rid of this is to use a bootable rescue pack. Ones I would recommend are Kaspersky, Bitdefender, or Dr.Web. Use youtube for instructional videos on how to use bootable rescue discs.
Most bootable discs are ordered through mail, and if you can't wait, make one yourself! If you have a few DVD-R's laying around, burn a copy of kaspersky rescue disc ISO off their site. I found a very informative, step by step, instructional tutorial vid on how to do this...
Google: mrizos kaspersky rescue youtube.

EDIT: To the person who posted the youtube link. He already tried to visit safemode and it didn't work!

As a psychologyist, is it difficult to get a job at the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit?

What steps do I need to take to work at the FBI's BSU if I have a PhD in social psychology?

The FBI Behavioral Science Unit does not hire outside of the FBI:
(see the bottom of the page)
So, you have to already be established from within the FBI to apply for the BSU.
The process to get into the FBI is pretty rigorous. You have to pass background checks (credit, drug screens, criminal background). They then do a thorough background investigation, which may include a polygraph and interviews of your family, friends, supervisors, or previous professors.

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