What Causes Fbi Moneypak Virus?

Is this a scam from the FBI or is it legit?

I got a message on my Laptop saying it is blocked, until I pay 200 dollars in a moneypak, and put it on the state's account, then my computer will be unblocked in 1 to 48 hours. They claim I viewed copyrighted material, but I have no idea what they're talking about, cause I never did that! Is this just a scam or real?

SCAM. That message is false.

You got a malware (a malicious program = a virus.)

Search on the internet about the "Moneypak Virus."

How do you get rid of FBI Virus on a Guest Account?

I was on the internet studying and next thing i know my screen freezes and a voice saying something about laptop being lockdown by fbi...and then i was reading the message and they said i had to pay 300 dollars...I went to youtube and tried to take the virus off and it didnt work...Then when i tried to erase the virus off my Guest side of computer it didnt work..So i went to turn off my Guest side and went to my main account on the laptop and everything is normal..So i went to turn my Guest side back on.When it turned on i went to that side and the FBI virus was still there..So i turned it off again. I really need help cause they said i have 3 days to do it and i dont want them to shut my whole Laptop down.

Remove the FBI MoneyPak Ransomware or the Reveton Trojan


How to remove fake FBI MoneyPak Virus?

I'm trying to remove a fake FBI virus from my computer that's asking for me to pay $200. My problem is the virus won't let me go into safe mode at all. I've tried regular safe mode, then safe mode with networking, then safe mode with prompt command. With all three the same thing happens. Windows boots up then the FBI moneypak virus screen pops up. I can't access my computer at all. How do I remove this virus if I cannot get to access in the safe modes ?

It's most likely that new ransomware going around. Like most ransomware, this piece of malware makes it nearly impossible to access your computer. The easiest method to get rid of this is to use a bootable rescue pack. Ones I would recommend are Kaspersky, Bitdefender, or Dr.Web. Use youtube for instructional videos on how to use bootable rescue discs.
Most bootable discs are ordered through mail, and if you can't wait, make one yourself! If you have a few DVD-R's laying around, burn a copy of kaspersky rescue disc ISO off their site. I found a very informative, step by step, instructional tutorial vid on how to do this...
Google: mrizos kaspersky rescue youtube.

EDIT: To the person who posted the youtube link. He already tried to visit safemode and it didn't work!

FBI Moneypak HELP!? I don't know how to remove it?

Okay so this thing popped up saying that they were taking over my computer, and if I didnt pay 200$ to Moneypak in 72 hours they'd delete all my files. I looked it up and found out it was a virus (probably from the website I watch 'Friends' on) and everyone said to restart my computer on SafeMode then download Malwarebytes. I downloaded Malwarebytes (I'm currently on the main account on my computer, the guest account is the one that got hacked into) but when I try going on safe mode, it wont let me open up my Guest account, it says to contact my server provider or something because it's taken too long to try to open. My question is: A) Can I run the Malwarebytes software on this account to get the virus out? Will it still work because it's on a different account, and get the virus out of the whole computer? B) Could I just delete the guest account, since this account is working perfectly fine, or would the virus end up on this account eventually too? C) How long will this virus last before it crashes my computer or something? Please help and have a simple explanation, I'm only 16 and I don't get how to get this off. Please give me more detail than that, I have no idea what that means and nobody I know knows how to get out this virus, I don't want to wait to get it out because I don't know what it'll do, answer the questions I asked please !! And I only have ONE COMPUTER ! And this is it !

Hi, because you were using a guest account ( with restricted privileges ) the malware was unable to infect your computer. It has saved you,if you had been using an admin account you would now be in trouble.
Malwarebytes , when run from an admin account will detect and delete malicious files.
The virus CANNOT spread , as it has been restricted.
You cannot delete the guest account, you can disable it.
Run MBAM from admin, and create another limited ( standard account ) to surf from
Please feel free to ask any other questions

How do I transfer money to my paypal onto my moneypak?

I need to put the money in my paypal ONTO my moneypak so I can then put the moneypak onto my pre paid debit card. How do I put paypal money to moneypak card? I only see the option to put moneypak onto paypal? What a rip off.

I'm having the same EXACT problem right now. Since I didn't know that my paypal sending limit was limited, I added money from greendot onto paypal... now it's useless. Any answers would be appreciated!

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