What Causes Emotionally Unavailable Men?

what causes a man to be emotionally unavailable?

is it something that happened to him in his childhood?? and also why are some reasons a woman might be emotionally unavailable? OR is "emotionally unavailable" made up?? Maybe the person just isn't into you - what does everyone think?

It can be any number of things.
Abuse, previous heart break, immaturity, could be confused with his sexuality...
That is also reasons why women might not be emotionally available.
There is a wide range of reasons with that problem.
Also it could just be that he's a man.
Emotions are something that society tells men they should hide.

How do I know if a man is interested but emotionally unavailable?

All the signs are there. He flirts with me, he acts like a gentleman when he's around me, he has introduced me to his family, his friends already know about me, he gets jealous when other men talk to me, he asked me if I have a boyfriend.... I showed interest in him and it seemed to only cause him to back off a little. I don't get it. Why all the signs of interest if he's not going to follow through?

Maybe he's scared
or leading you on
Talk to him and find out what's up because we can't tell you much lol
and Please don't give him the option it's we're together or we're not my friends do that and they usually find out i'm right...IT DOESN'T WORK

Why are there netflix DVDs that were available now unavailable?

There are some DVDs I had in my queue or that I've seen before and I want to get them again and now they're unavailable. Why? Why are the DVDs that I've seen at home already now unavailable after wanting to see them again?

Either people are not returning them or DVD Return to Scratch to be able to be rented again and they might have been discontinued by the manufactured

Do women control men through sex? Is the best way to attract women to be unattainable?

Do you feel as though sex is the best way of controlling the male race? The knowledge that most guys will do anything to get laid? Is this power used as sexual blackmail? Are most women these days too emotionally immature, greedy and self indulgent tobe in relationships? Thus the best way to attract women is to not be interested and to stop looking?

First of all, male is not a race or a species, it's a sex/gender. Second, yes, there are some women who control men through sex but the majority of women I know do not do that. Third, not all guys will do anything to get laid. Some have a little more respect for themselves and women. Fourth, there are women who are too emotionally immature, greedy, and self indulgent to be in relationships but no, it's not most women. There are men who are too emotionally immature, greedy, and self indulgent to be in relationships as well. And, finally, fifth, the best way for you to attract decent women who are mature enough to be in meaningful relationships is going to be a lot more maturity on your part. You might want to work on that.

netflix unavailable ?

I find it absolutely absurb that full metal alchemist botherhood is'nt on netflix . They advertise it but its unavailable. I'm just wondering if its the fact that i'm playing it on my xbox360, or that i'm currently using the free trial ? if it is'nt one of those problems , is there saposed to be a date when fullmetal alchemist brotherhood would be released ? plz help :)

I have a membership and it's showing(on my computer) all but Part 4 of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood being available. So if none of them are shown as available it has to be something with the free trial or xbox. Given that it's a 2010 release they probably just haven't gotten around to getting a copy or it hasn't been released on dvd in the US yet. Netflix does advertise a lot of movies that they have marked as unavailable- I have close to 100 in my saved queue, that they show as unavailable, some of which have been there over a year and most were released on dvd years ago.

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