What Causes Egr Valve To Go Bad?

What are some symptoms of a bad egr valve?

i have a 95 mazda millenia i think the egr valve might be bad. what are some symptoms of a bad? And do I have to replace it or can I just clean it?

An EGR that is stuck open will cause a rough idle. EGR stuck closed may cause an engine knock or ping. EGR operation is at cruising speeds when the throttle position change is minimal and there is minimal load on the engine so many time, there may be no symtoms at all. Sometimes EGR passages are blocked but most of the time, the EGR is either not working because of an electrical problem or if it is vacuum controlled, the EGR valve is worn out and will need to be replaced.

What symptoms will a car experience if you drive with a bad egr valve in a 97 toyota camry?

I don't know if it's the egr valve or solenoid that's bad?I just want to know what the symptoms are if any of them are bad.

Why are u feeling that ur egr valve is in bad shape, coz 1997 model is already 11 yrs now . So even if u open it its not gonna show up in good
condition but still working properly inside. tell me what exact problem are u facing with ur car forget abt egr and solenoid you dont need to hit a bullseye in the dark.k SMOKe RulEs

Help With My EGR Valve?

My check engine light is on in my 1999 Toyota Camry XLE...I went to autozone and they told me it was my egr valve BUT they did not tell me if it need to be cleaned or replaced. How can I tell if it needs to be cleaned or replaced

EGR valves are replaced much more often than they need to be. Most of the time the problem is not in the valve itself but in the EGR passages. The actual trouble code would verify that (I am expecting a P0401: Insufficient EGR Flow).

The most effective approach is to remove the EGR valve, examine it for really bad deposits, then clean it with carburetor cleaner or replace it depending on whether it looks like it can be cleaned. In any case, clean out all the exhaust side passages. The second source has the usual vague ehow instructions while the third source has a more detailed but vertiginous video.

EGR valves are pricey enough (typically $150) to make it worth cleaning before replacing. I personally have never had to replace an EGR valve.

A bad egr valve would it cause your vehicle to get poor gas mileages?

A bad egr valve would it cause your vehicle to get poor gas mileages? what are other sing of a bad egr valve?

If your car is getting poor combustion, a rough idle, hesitation, and/ or stalls out are usual syptoms. It could lead to poor gas mileage too.

will fuel system cleaner help with an egr valve?

i was told my egr valve needs to be replaced, so im wondering if the system cleaner will help at all. thanx

Not really. The EGR valves on newer cars have an electric solenoid that moves the plunger up and down via advice from the computer or engine management system.

Probably 90% of the time the valve has a piece of carbon stuck in in that broke off iinside the intake manifold and or gas passages in the intake manifold leading to the EGR valve. They can remove the EGR valve and clean it out and reinstall it.

A "bad" EGR valve will either have a bad solenoid coil, or the valve plunger is "burned" from the hot exhaust (from age and high mileage) gases not giving an air tight seal when it should be closed at idle.

A fuel system cleaner is a good idea every 3K miles especially if you buy the really cheap gasoline that has a lot of alcohol in it. The alcohol creates more soot than pure gasoline or gasoline that has detergent added and this soot leads to the little carbon pieces that grow and collect in the intake manifold and on the injectors.

Good Luck!

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