What Causes Egg Burps And Diarrhea?

yucky burps not diarrhea?

since 2 days ago ive been having these bad tasting burps. 2 days ago they were very loud and frequent. less burps yesterday. but today the burps are frequent but subtle. like i dont realise i burped until the taste comes in my mouth. i dont have diarrhea, i haventbeen going to the toilet any more frequently and barely eat any vegetables to have excessive fibre intake?? i have no idea what it is..not from eating meat either cause i had to be vegetarian this month..i hate this burps. they taste like the burps i used to get when took anti-biotics 2 years ago.. HELP me pleaseeeeee?

You must be eating too much of foods that cause gas in the stomach, causing the burps. The bad taste could be from strong flavored foods. Cabbage, beans, broccoli, cauliflower are some of the foods that cause stomach upset and gas.

What causes sudden nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea?

My mom first felt nauseated all of a sudden yesterday, then she had diarrhea AND vomited at the same time. She's been like this for a day. Then today my Dad came down with the same symptoms, and it feels like I'm coming down with it too. Is this some sort of stomach virus?

It is Gastroenteritis, which is the technical name for "Stomach flu" since there is no such "flu" that really infects the stomach. Whenever I get it, it causes foul rotten-egg burps, profuse watery diarrhea and vomiting (all at once).

Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach, the upper intestine etc.

Symptoms are nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting (but not always vomiting).

I suggest you all drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as the body loses most of the water during defecation (esp with diarrhea).

Also, if the vomiting bothers you, try Metaclopramide (Maxolon anti-emetics).

Are your parents or yourself suffering from a strange, foul-tasting/smelling sulphury/egg tasting burp? What about extremely watery profuse diarrhea rather than the usual "PHUT-PHUT-PHUT" diarrhea?

If you have these two symptoms as well as (but not always) violent bouts of vomiting, then I'd say it's very likely Gastroenteritis caused by an enteroviral infection, or caused by food poisoning (Salmonella, Est. Coli, etc).

Because it's not really a "Flu", you CAN avoid this if you have not already got it. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly (as do your parents), try not to eat anything or make contact with anything they've touched, and make sure that you try and keep your distance when they are vomiting (as Gastroenteritis is extremely contagious, it is possible to breathe it in through the smell of the diarrhea or vomit).

Take care! I really hope it clears up soon, sounds like you're all going through a bit of hell there.

Can someone help identify what strange virus my family has caught?

For me it started last Wednesday with mucus that sort of leaked in the back of my throat instead of exiting through my nose and fatigue. Then it turned into severe bloating, sharp stomach pain, egg-tasting burps, and diarrhea, still fatigue, now body aching, the throat-mucus still, and a fever in the even/night; these symptoms decreased over a few days. After that (the symptoms I currently have) it became congestion that I can get out through my nose, still the throat-mucus, cough, sore throat, fatigue, and still body aching. So far it has seemed like it has had three stages. Other members of the household have described the same/similar symptoms in the same order to me. It's just really weird and unlike any virus I've ever caught or seen someone have before.

could be a bacterial infection or parasitic infection not just viral. bacteria can make large amounts of gas which could explain the burps you are describing. i would suggest looking at the sources i have provided as they may prove helpful. symptoms alone, it is hard to say for certain what the problems are being caused by.

the congestion may just be a cold.

Will making myself sick get rid of eggy burps?

Iive been having eggy burps all day don't what caused it but last nite I drank loads of alcohol and felt rlly sick during the nite but kept it down and then I woke up this Morning and had eggy burps will they to if I make myself sick

Stop eating the eggs is the best idea. Treat the problem not the symptom.

How do i get rid of sulfur burps?

When you burp an it has the smell/taste of sulfur or rotten eggs, please answer im suffering

Sulfur burps could be from eating too much protein (so cut back), certain meds (ask whoever prescribed them) or from having an infection with Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes a lot of peptic ulcers (see a doctor).

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