What Causes Abdominal Pain In Dka?

How long DKA condition would exist?

DKA - diabetic ketoacidosis My mother got admitted and diagnosed of DKA. How long she needs to get treated to cure DKA? Her pH level is normal , bicarbonate is 19, Blood pressure is normal. Hear rate is at 95-110BPM.

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an acute metabolic complication of diabetes characterized by hyperglycemia, hyperketonemia, and metabolic acidosis. DKA occurs mostly in type 1 diabetes. It causes nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain and can progress to cerebral edema, coma, and death. DKA is diagnosed by detection of hyperketonemia and anion gap metabolic acidosis in the presence of hyperglycemia. Treatment involves volume expansion, insulin replacement, and prevention of hypokalemia.
Please see the web pages for more details on Diabetic ketoacidosis.

Is it common to have abdominal pain when you have a low back disc rupture?

Can low back disc pains cause abdominal pain? Or would it be 2 different things going on?

Very possible. But abdominal pain can also radiate to the back (as is the case with a number of abdominal disease processes, I would recommend consulting your GP (or Orthopedic specialts if you are already under his care for the disk problem)

It is common for Sacral-Lumbar muscle pain to slowly involve the abdominal complex of muscles if allowed to weaken with the back. If you have a prolapsed disk, similar pain can ensue. And of course you may not be using core muscles as much due to the pain you have. They slacken and cause more muscular pain.

Once you have ruled out abdominal pathology for your pain, discuss with your physician exercises that can increase your core strength. This might be the best way to bring everything back into line and attenuate you discomfort.

Severe abdominal pain?

I'm having severe abdominal pain. It feels like the type of stomach pain you get when you drink too much water except I haven't drank a lot. It doesn't hurt when I lay down but as soon as I stand up, it's horrible. I'm thinking about going to a doctor. Do you have any idea what it could be?

With abdominal pain it would be extremely difficult to tell you what's going on over the internet. You definitely need to go to the doctor without question. However, if the pain is that severe that you cannot walk or function you need to head to the emergency room or urgent care center (if one is nearby). Hope you feel better soon!!

Pregnancy - upper abdominal pain?

Im 34 weeks pregnant and Ive been having upper abdominal pain since yesterday night. Its been 24 hrs since then til now and the pain has came and gone. Its right under my boobs, its my upper abdomin. I want to now if its bad or should i go to the emergency room. I heard that its the baby getting bigger, since she still moves around normally. (Sorry for any mispellings)

Upper abdominal pain is really common & usually fine in the 3rd trimester. It's usually a result of the baby getting bigger & pulling down on your muscles. The weight puts pressure on your ribs and pulls at them, causing a soreness. Also, heartburn can manifest itself in many ways - not just a burning sensation. It can cause pain anywhere in the upper abdomen, and is common in pregnancy. If the pain is severe or you have bleeding or cramping with it, I'd call your doctor. Otherwise, mention it at your next appointment.

What is causing my upper abdominal pains?

I have been having upper abdominal pains for about a week along with menstrual cramps. I saw some dark brown blood (spotting I usually get right before my period) in my underwear two days ago but i haven't started my regular flow yet. Are my upper abdominal pains connected with my period. . or what's going on? I know I should go to the doctor so please don't comment saying so. Thanks in advance.

No one here can diagnose what is happening with you. If this continues you may need to see a doctor, but talk to some other woman you know so that she can ask questions and possibly help you with this. Upper abdominal pain could be gall bladder pain.

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