What Cars Does Richard Hammond Own?

does anyone else here have a crush on top gear presenter Richard Hammond?

Im only 14 years old and i have a huge crush on Richard Hammond, he is so good looking and i just love him! he also has all the same favourite cars as me and he is my favourite top gear presenter!! He is a true hero in the way that he came back from his vampire dragster jet powered car crash.

OMG i think hes so gorgeous :)
I'm 16 and I've had a crush on him for quite a while.
Everything about him is so lovely
his eyes, his hair..etc
I understand completely how you feel.

Top Gear is brilliant as well!

that sexy man.

How does the show Top Gear work?

How do they get their cars? Do they own all of them and then they just sit in some warehouse?

the cars they are testing are loaned to them by dealers or in the case of really rare and expensive cars, the manufacturer.

the cars they buy for less than £1000 ect, they either can keep, or they are kept in a lock up by the production team.

richard hammond kept "oliver" but i don't think they kept too many of the cars for themselves.

What cars do the top gear hosts own?

What cars do Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May have in their private collections? Im curious because they drive million dollar vehicles all the time, surely they must have some exoticts of their own!?

Jeremy drives

Richard drives a Dodge Charger, a Shelby Mustang, and recently he bought a Dodge Challenger from his last trip to the United States, due to the fact that Chrysler wouldn't lend Top Gear one, because apparently they are too harsh about their cars.
he also ownes "Oliver", an Opel Kadett he bought in Africa.

James drives a Luscombe 8A 'Silvaire' and an American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (with the registration number G-OCOK, a play on his trademark phrase used on Top Gear), a Fiat Panda and an old Rolls Royce (which i don't know if he still has it).
He also has a light aircraft pilot's licence.

Would you want to watch Richard Hammonds crash?

Do you think it would be right for the BBC to show Richard Hammonds crash? Also would you find in entertaining if the BBC where to do so?

i know richard wants the footage to be shown
but he has to think of his family
i mean i have kids they would not want to see me almost die
and i would not want to see the crash also
richard hammond is great a cheeky chap

my kids love him on brainiac as i do on top gear
he is ok in my book
i totally wish him a speedy recovery

top gear has to look at the safety aspect of their stunts
when they are risking the lives of their presenters

Top gear- limo episode ending?

There was an episode where they built their own stretch limos (hilarious!) and the last challenge was to transport a celebrity to some awards in them. I didn't get to see the ending, so please tell me who won?

My recollection was that Hamster, Jeremy and James drove Jamelia, Chris Moyles and Lemar to the awards ceremony.

Lemar, driven by James May, ended up getting rather annoyed (and I think he eventually decided to just get out and find his own way) because James was going round in circles.

Jamelia got to the ceremony but asked Mr. Hammond not to pull up right to the door because she was embarrassed about being seen in the car Richard had assembled.

Jeremy, with Chris Moyles his passenger got to the ceremony first, only after the car literally broke in two. (If you remember it was a really long car and the middle just fell - I can't remember what caused it).

I'm sure one of them - half sure it was Jeremy - got stuck as well around a corner.

The aim of the competition was to fill as many column inches as possible. Neither Mr. May or Mr. Hammond got any mention in the press however Jeremy Clarkson's limo did get a mention.......in his own column.

Jeremy declared himself the winner (he came first after all) but the only press coverage was in the own column and Richard and James were complaining that his car had split in two.

I don't think they decided on a winner - but going by the original rules I think Jeremy would have done! (although he kinda cheated!!)

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