What Cargo Did The Mayflower Carry?

how long would it take in the 1780's for a ship to get from the UK to America?

north america that is. for a story i'm doing... thanks alot :) just out of interest, where'd you gain your seemingly vast knowledge?

In 1620, it took the Mayflower 66 days, but that would have been longer than usual largely because of the weather. Also, the Mayflower was rigged to carry cargo around the Mediterranean and wasn't the best choice for trans-Atlantic crossings. By the 1780s, the ships were larger and faster, so I'd guess around six weeks.

who is capatain christopher jones of the mayflower and what did he do?

where did he go? how did he die? please provide sources if you got your info from the internet or book.

Mayflower and Christopher Jones arrived back in England in May 1621 after transporting the Pilgrims and their cargo to Northern Virginia in 1620. Jones then took the Mayflower on another trading run to France later that year, but died shortly thereafter, in March 1622.

He was buried at St. Mary's Cathedral in Rotherhithe, Surrey, England

what is live from mayflower?

well,the mayflower was the boat the pilgrims sailed over on. Also, mayflower could be a place so liek live from mayflower for a news report.

How much cargo does the following aircraft carry on average?

I've tried to obtain this information directly from the Airlines but no such luck. Does anyone have an idea what the max cargo loads and the typical average loads the following passenger aircraft carry? When I say cargo, I mean anything that is not directly attributable to passengers i.e. not passenger luggage, but commercial cargo. Boeing 747-401, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320 – 232, AIrbus A340-600. Thanks in advance So it looks like it completely avries with every trip. I can't get hold of the data from the airlines. what can I do? Does anyone have an average figure of fuel consumed per passenger per km for the above aircraft, excluding cargo load. I guess it's kind of the same problem

It very much depends on the plane and the route. Some flights will carry no cargo, others will literally carry tons of it. You won't find precise numbers because it varies from flight to flight and from route to route.

why was the mayflower compact important to look at when u.s. developed constitution?

why was the mayflower compact important to look at when u.s. developed constitution

The Mayflower Compact was a document signed by 41 male passengers on the Mayflower before landing at Plymouth (Massachusetts. It wasdrawn up with fair and equal laws, for the general good of the settlement and with the will of the majority.
When the US developed it consitution the Mayflower Compact was sort of a guide line. All men (people) are created equal and the nation should be governed by the people for the people.

LOL! I am a Canadian and I learned that last year in 7th grade.
What grade r u in.

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