What Beer Comes In Blue Bottles?

Where I can find info about beer bottles and the colours? can be a beer bottled in any coloured bottle?

I am looking for beer bottling information for my degree thesis in the university, i would like to know if a beer can be bottled on any colour bottle. The common colour for beer bottles is the amber and I know that it is for beer protection from the UV and light, but there are other colours like clear and green bottles, i will appreciate any help. Thanks

Beer can be bottled in any colored glass, or uncolored glass for that matter. The bottle is just a container. If they make the glass in blue, beer can come in a blue bottle. Same for green, pink, yellow, red, etc. Different colors would be for marketing reasons only. Of course, exotic colored glass would be more expensive, so there would be a cost concern.


Where in NYC can I buy Blue Moon Beer in a can instead of a bottle?

I want to find Blue Moon in a can so I can take it to the beaches which allow beer, but they only allow cans, not glass bottles. I've seen it in cans before, can't remember where. Looking to buy a lot, not just single cans from a bar, but from a retail store / beer distributor. Will buy by case if possible.

Anywhere that sell Coors beer in the can will have it.


What else can I use besides glass bottles to bottle home brewed beer?

I have 5 gallons of beer that needs to be bottled ethier tomorrow or the next day, and I only have about 12 bottles so far and cant really affored to go buy another 40ish sam adams bottles or which right now. Any ideas?

The best thing to do is go to your local distributor and ask for "returnable bottles"
Miller still makes them, as does Stegmaier and a few others. They will cost you $1.50 a case ($.05/bottle x 24). DO NOT USE PLASTIC!

Why exactly beer in a plastic bottle is considered not so good?

Why exactly beer in a plastic bottle is considered not as good as in glass or tin? What exactly is the difference?

When I started homebrewing, I bottled my beer in 16 or 20 oz plastic PET "1" bottles. They are food grade and do not impart any flavor into the beverage. That is why you get water, soda, juice etc in these bottles. There is nothing wrong with plastic bottles, as long as the beer in them is worth drinking, and not that Bud/Miller/Coors crap that very many people insist upon drinking. In fact, I imagine I will recieve a few thumbs down on here just because I dissed those type of beer drinkers. ;-)

What do the dots on the bottom of a beer bottle mean?

When you get a new case of beer bottles some have dots on the bottom and some don't. Is this the way of seeing how many times it has been recycled? It's not the outter dots, its the inner dots. There is usually about 0-10 of them.

There's a mark on the bottle for every time it's been reused. Beer bottles are generally resold to breweries so they dont incur so many charges for new bottles. I believe after 10 dots/uses, they throw them away.
hope that helps!

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