What Basketball Team Won The Most Championships?

some qs about basketball and nba in america?

i have no idea about anything to do with basketball. could someone tell me the best player in the nba? which team in america for basketball is ranked number one?

Best Player in the NBA: Toss up between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James (according to popular belief). My belief: Dwyane Wade.

Ranked 1 team: Depends what you're asking. Overall championships: Boston Celtics (17). Latest Champion: LA Lakers, who have 2nd most championships (15). #1 seeded team this season was the Cleveland Cavaliers...no championships.

Has a college basketball team ever won back to back championships and not make the tournament the next year?

Talking about any college basketball team in history.

Florida Gators?

How come the U.S. Womens' Basketball Team doesn't get any props or headlines?? They've been dominant..?

This is being asked by a NBA and U.S. Men's Basketball fan.

It's partly because the US women's basketball team dominates teams at will and have not embarrassed themselves in the Olympics since 1992. The 1996 on dynasty of Lisa Leslie and company has never lost in the Olympics so it is expected that they win every game; and they only will make BIG headlines if they lost. Then I think the 2012 US women's team will be hyped more as a "redeem team" and it will get more headlines.

Sure the US women were third in the 2006 world championships, but the FIBA world championships come nowhere close to the Olympics in terms of media exposure and importance.

I don't think the WNBA has much, if any to do with their lack of headlines compared with the men's team. The men's team has so much exposure because after all basketball is the only team sport in the Olympics that brings the best professional athletes from each and every country. Even men's soccer doesn't do that anymore.

But to be honest, I think the women's team has received a good amount of exposure during the Olympics.

How does a basketball team really get sponsored?

Sports Marketing Question about sponsorships........... I have to write about a fanasty basketball team and make a presentation for my class as if I was talking to somebody about sponsoring my basketball team. How does a basketball team really get sponsored, i doubt that its a group of people that come together that look for a sponsor, i would think it was more like a school has a team and has players that gets individually sponsored. so anyway i guess my question.. How does a basketball team really get sponsored?

First of all you must prove to them first that your basketball team is good and worth to be sponsored. Then try to show them credentials of your players if some of them won a MVP award before you should state that. and if they do have previous statistical records like winning percentage indicate that also.

What team has won the most the most NBA championships?

I really dont know and im not a fan of NBA so i dont know how the championships work so i was just wondering what team won the most championships (NBA).

i guess celtics

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