What Bank Does Green Dot Use?

How do green dot pre paid cards work?

When you buy it from the retailer does it work right away or do you have to call a number or something? Can you activate and reload it from the green dot website?

A Green Dot Card is for someone who can't have or doesn't want an account at a local bank.
You do need to register by phone or website, since what you're doing is getting a bank account with the Green Dot Bank.
Registering also is needed to replace the card and get a card with your own name, which will more accepted. A paycheck can be direct-deposited into this pre-paid debit card to cut out check cashing shop fees and Green Dot's fees.
The Green Dot MoneyPak can be used only a few places, including Ebay/Paypal and to top-off a pre-paid card.

How do you add money to PayPal from your bank account?

I go to the "Add Money" tab, and I see 2 options: "Bank transfer" and "green dot MoneyPak". However, while "green dot MoneyPak" is a link, "Bank transfer" is just plain text that you can't click on, so where is the actual option that let's you take money from your bank account? And yes, I added a bank account to my PayPal account.

By adding your bank account And verifying it, you should be given the opportunity to withdraw from
Bank account. Personally I don't like having it directly attatched so i bought a visa gift card with the preloaded amount of money, then added the card to the account.

Green dot Visa card PayPal?

Does anyone have any idea how to use a green dot Visa card for PayPal I got to pay someone with it. And they informed me that I need to use that in order to pay them They live in the u.s and I live in Canada Is there a specific way to use it? Do I need to go online ?

Green Dot MoneyPak is the ONLY prepaid card that PayPal DOES accept. https://www.moneypak.com/

However; there are other options when paying through PayPal. I'm not sure why the person you're sending money to would have told you that you have to use a Green Dot card.

If you're sending money through PayPal, you need to set up a PayPal account if you don't already have one. https://www.paypal.com

You can link a bank account or regular credit card to your PayPal account (besides the option of the Green Dot MoneyPak). If you have more questions, after looking at both of those sites, you should contact PayPal. Their customer service number (for outside the US) is 1-402-935-2050.

What is the green dot on the back of quarterbacks helmets?

theres a green dot on all the QB's helmets what exactly does it do and why is it green.

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how does the green dot card work?

i want to get one bc i have bad credit bc some fraud that i didnt do!!! & so now i havent had a bank account. i think you get them at wal mart? are they legit or do they scam you? and is it free or whatt?? thanks. also 500 dollars saved in cash, would it be bad to put that money on this card? or what is the limit? bc im moving out of state & i dont want to carry cash..


Green Dot cards are prepaid debit cards that you purchase. They can be used wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted. You can order Green Dot Visas or MasterCards online for a $9.95 fee or buy them from thousands of retailers called Sales Agents.

2. Load

After you receive your Green Dot card, your next step is to add funds to the card. You can load funds through direct deposit from your company's payroll deposit or you can visit Sales Agents who will load the card for you, for a fee.

A maximum of $2500 can be loaded onto the Green Dot card at any one time. You can also purchase a 'MoneyPack' from Sales Agents that allows you to load from $20 to $500 that will be placed immediately on your card after you call them with the authorization number.

3. Spend

As soon as you have funds placed on your prepaid Green Dot card, you can use the card or make purchases wherever Visa or MasterCard transactions are accepted.

4. Please Read more: http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4759971_green-dot-card-work.html#ixzz2aB5pXSZD

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