What Bacteria Can Live In Alcohol?

If Alcohol is effective in killing bacteria on the skin, What about alcohol your drink?

Does alcohol in the blood could have an inhibiting effect on bacteria and viruses perhaps the same way as perhaps alcohol rubs (obviously these are far stronger than alcohol for drinking)? Would like to hear your thoughts. Obviously drinking is best done in moderation and not first line defence against bacteria. Thanks in advance!

Once in the blood stream, not sure it would help at all. It is true that it will affect the bacteria in your digestive tract. A good shot of strong liquor can help against common food poisoning. The normal bacteria in your stomach are used to some alcohol (assuming you do drink now and then). If you get some bad bacteria in your stomach from food that was allowed to start spoiling, a good dose of, maybe, one or two shots of high proof alcohol can knock out the bad bacteria.

What is it about ethanol that kills microbes?

I want to understand the chemical reason why ethanol kills microbes. Does it kill both bacteria and viruses and if so why is that?

Ethanol is an alcohol.

and Alcohol denatures protein. The cell walls of bacteria and the capsule of viruses are made up of proteins. Thus ethanol disrupts these coverings and making the bacteria and virus unstable and unfit to survive, then dies.

How does mouthwash react with bacteria in the mouth?

How is bacteria killed or decreased by mouthwash? What conditions in the mouth well suit bacteria? Please include sources/websites.

Well, alcohol in the mouthwash dissolves the baterium wall/skin and the it basically kills the bacteria.

how long does UV light take to kill bacteria?

does it kill all bacteria? theres a UV light in a department store for around 140 euro, is it worth it? (supposed to be used to sanitise hard to clean things and countertops!) what about viruses? can it kill bacteria that have developed endospores (the thingy around the nucleus, i think!ahah) any info appreciated!

Yes, UV can kill bacteria, but the amount of time depends upon the specific bacterium - they have different sensitivities.

Same is true for viruses.

BUT ---- save your money. UV lights generally lose their killing capacity within a few hours (unless it's a much more expensive industrial UV lamp).

Most laboratories make up a 70:30 mixture of alcohol:water to kill most bacteria and viruses. That's much cheaper than the fancy light (which really only works well with psychadelic posters) and the alcohol lasts a lot longer

I am the only one using a thermometer, do I need to clean it with rubbing alcohol?

I think we've all been advised to use rubbing alcohol to clean a thermometer. I am wondering. If I am the only one using the thermometer, do I need to clean it with alcohol as often?

Yes. Some viruses and bacteria can live for a long time. If you have a virus when you use it and don't sterilize it after, the virus will still be there.
Think about it... Would you use the same glass over and over without washing it?

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