What Arkansas Razorback Was On The Gold Medal Us Mens Basketball Team At The 1984 La Olympics?

Is the US Mens basketball team going to take the gold medal in Beijing?

It's hard to believe 4 years have passed since the 2004 olympics in which the US mens baketball team lost three games and previous to that only two games had ever been lost by a US basketball team in the olympics games. Is 2008 the year for the US mens olympic team to redeem themselves or will another team steal there glory?

yeah... definitely...
the roster is more than amazing, and team usa is beating every other team by an average of 20+ points...
its not even trying....
i think theyre gonna go all the way.... and win it all

Did the USA send a mens basketball team to the Olympics?

Or is NBC and Directv boycotting mens basketball?

1. Yes, there is a men's USA basketball team in the 2012 Olympics
2. NBC and Comcast/Xfinity have common ownership. Direct TV does not have the rights to broadcast the "extra" channels of NBC Sports (used to be the Versus channel) and MSNBC.
3. Most of the basketball games, men's and women's, have been shown on NBC Sports - so Direct TV subscribers haven't been able to see them on TV
4. You are in luck! The gold medal match for Men (USA vs Spain) will be shown LIVE Sunday, Aug 12 on NBC (the main channel which you get) 10:00am -12:30pm.

What do you think of the new Arkansas basketball team?

I just wanted to know what other people thought about the 2008-2009 Razorback mens basketball team. I mean they practically murdered Oklahoma and they beat Texas, not by much, but they still beat them.

they are a lot better than they were last year. with other sec teams struggling so far i think they have a good chance to win the conference and make an ncaa tournament run.

Can anyone tell me how many medals the USA olympic basketball team has won?

Any links to good websites would be appreciated. I'm looking for the history of the United States Olympic basketball team. Thanks!

USA BASKETBALL MEN- Ever since 1936 when basketball was first added as an Olympic Sport USA has won a medal every year except 1980 do to the boycott.

13 GOLD,1 Silver and 2 Bronze


USA BASKETBALL WOMEN-6 GOLD, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.


Who can name all the basketball players that have won?

A national championship in college basketball, an NBA championship and a gold medal for the USA basketball team. First one wins.

Bill Russell, Larry Brown (has gold medal as a player in 1968), Quinn Buckner, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and probably more from the past. I just don't know all of them off my head...

Carlos Boozer may be next - 1 college ring (2001), 1 would-be gold medal (2008), 0 nba rings (but he's got years to go)

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