What Are The Top Ten Causes Of Death In The Uae?

Does UAE in trouble because of tension in Iran?

If western countries attack Iran, does UAE economy in trouble? Most of its workforces will go home since almost all are expatriates

Any war is not a good thing , but life will be just as usual in UAE because the capital of Iran is very very far away . And most Iranians in the south are very friendly to UAE , so whatever rhetoric politicians or military in Iran say it is just that , it is not a problem with Iranian people. And recently UAE vice president said on CNN interview that he does not believe Iran will attack UAE , its biggest trade partner.
There are no US military bases in UAE so why should Iran target UAE.

Is uae visa still open for Bangladeshi peoples?

The official version:

is there any uae visa open for bangladeshi ?

For right now it seems that visas are denied to Bangladeshis. Officially made no restrictions are applicable to visa for professionals such as managers, engineers, doctors etc.

Official version: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/visa/no-bangladesh-visa-ban-top-uae-official-says-1.1066600

Rumors speak a different language:)

I have a few questions about oil in the UAE?

How much does oil contribute to the UAE economy today? What was the UAE's economy dominated by before oil was discovered? In approximately how many years will the oil and gas reserves of the UAE run out?

If not for oil they would only have an abundance of sand.

Is it better to exchange money in the US or UAE?

It's better definitely in the UAE's money changer companies like Al Ansari, UAE Exchange, Wall Street, Al Rostamani, etc. Avoid exchanging from hotels and banks.

You did not mention the currency you would like to exchange.

Exchanging US$ to UAE Dirhams normally has a fixed "buying rate" of 1US$ is 3.67AED. You can exhange then your US$ to UAE Dirhams at any money shops with almost the same rate. The difference is the "selling rates. If you intend to exchange UAE Dirhams to US$ or you would like to 'buy" US$ from the money shops, their rates differs from one shop to others from 3.7 to 3.98 so better check.

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