What Are The Causes Of The Anglo-ndebele War?

causes of the anglo-ndebele war?

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There were 2 wars between the British and the Ndebele: the first in 1893 and the second in 1896-97.

The first war was a small scale affair and semi-accidental. The Ndebele did not want to fight the British, but Dr. Jameson (who worked for Cecil Rhodes) saw an opportunity for an easy victory and attacked anyway.

The second war (also known amongst the Ndebele as the First War of Independence) came about because the Ndebele refused to accept British rule, and rose in rebellion against them.

The link below will tell you more, but you could also search "Matabele", because that name is more used than "Ndebele" in the sources.

Were the Jamestown Massacre and the 2nd Anglo-Powhatan War the same thing?

In my history book it says that the 2nd Anglo-Powhatan war started in 1622, but all over the internet it says that that was the Jamestown Massacre.

Yes it is
The Jamestown massacre involved the killing of about 347 British colonists in Virginia, about a quarter of the population of the state at that time. During the Second Anglo-Powhatan War, Opechancanough became leader of the native American "Indian" Powhatan Confederacy, upon the death of his half-brother, Wahunsonacock
The Indian massacre of 1622 (also known as the Jamestown Massacre) occurred in the Virginia Colony on Good Friday, March 22, 1622. About 347 people,[1] or almost one-third of the English population of Jamestown, were killed by a coordinated series of surprise attacks of the Powhatan Confederacy under Chief Opechancanough

How well do you know South Africa VI?

This week's version of Flinkdink. 1. Which SA city is the only city in the world with drive-in pubs? 2. Which SA airport has the longest runway in Africa? 3. Where in SA did both the last Cape lion and the tallest British soldier during the Anglo-Boer war die? 4. What is the biggest nature conservation area in southern Africa? 5. During which war where South Africans were involved, were the first propaganda films shot?

1.Half-way House Drive-in Pub - "The Half" - Situated half way between Kimberley city centre and Beaconsfield
2.Upington Airport - one of the world's longest commercial runways - it's certainly the longest runway in Africa. At 4900m long, it can land a space shuttle!
3.Leeu Gamka
a village in the Prince Albert municipal district - the tallest soldier in the British Army and the first Australian to die in the Anglo-Boer War. Private Schultz, of the 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, stood almost 7ft tall.
4.The Kruger Park & Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park-The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. ... In October 2001 the name was changed to the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. ...
5.World War II - When World War II began in Europe on 1 September 1939, both Russia and Germany had established film propaganda machines. Vladimir Lenin, the first head of the Soviet government after the Russian Revolution of 1917, said, "of all the arts, the most important for us is the cinema"; he understood that movies could help spread the goals of the revolution to rural areas and provide visual information for illiterate peasants.
I think i was wrong on 5 - it was the Anglo - boer war - On 14 October 1899, three days after the declaration of Anglo-Boer War, W K L Dickson (who had perfected the motion picture camera set out for South Africa to record the war on film.

The Warwick Trading Company appointed Edgar Hyman in South Africa to also record the war on film. He was equipped with a neat portable camera supplied to him by Charles Urban, founder and manager of the Warwick trading company.
Film as a medium for propaganda was discovered and exploited during the Anglo Boer War.

personal opinion on the anglo zulu war?

It was a interesting point of interest for sea faring European nations. The local clans and resources made the way point really hot. The Zulu war to me was and interesting point in Common Wealth history as it seemed not so significant/important in African history. This war solidified the flow of maple syrup to the world. mmmmmm. Federation of Canadian.

What is a South African last name thats ambigious of ethnicity?

Anything common that when looking on paper, one would not be sure if it were a Zulu, Afrikaaner, Xhosa or Anglo ? Perhaps something popular to ruling class promoted, or something that coincidentyl occurs in both Dutch and Zulu

Dunn is a common surname in KwaZulu/Natal and appears Anglo, but is in fact mixed race, Anglo/Zulu as about 150 years ago Francis Dunn lived under the protection of the Zulu king and was an Induna in his own right and he was a polygamist with a number of Zulu wives. The progeny and their descendants live in Natal mostly to this day.

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