What Animal Barks?

My neighbors dog barks all the time what should i do?

I reported it to the apartment landlord, and they said they'd take care of it, but it has not stopped. The animal barks literally on and off, mostly on, all day everyday. I'm worried that the animal may be being neglected or something. I've knocked on the owners door once before, to no avail. What are some things i should do?

Most areas have a sound ordinance, often 10pm
If the dog is barking for extended periods after that, then the police can be called.

or you could buy a bark collar, the kind that shocks the dog when it barks.

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My chihauhau has started yelping when he barks.?

When my chihauhau barks he yelps and I can tell he is in pain.This has been going on for a couple of days now. He hasn't had any bones or anything unusual and he can growl with no problems. I have to call my vet but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else's dog.

Do his ears go back and does his body tense up when he barks? That could be a sign of pain. Still, a lot of chihuahuas have Yelp-ish sounding barks...

What would you do if neighbors acquired a pit bulldog?

I am physicaly handicapped and my husband is "getting along in his years" we are afraid to go outside and sit in our own backyard.This animal barks continualy day and night and shows every sign of being highly aggresive, and law enforcement officers are ignoreding this situation.

Make a pest of yourself with the owners, animal control, and local cops in general.

Might want to acquire a rifle and a shotgun (long range/short range).

Seriously. We had Rottweiller problems with neighbors until I made a habit of cleaning the guns out on the front porch.

What type of animal is goofy from Mickey mouse?

I thought he was a dog but Pluto's a dog and he walks on all fours and barks doesn't talk. Star for Goofy!

He's a dog. Keep in mind it's a cartoon. In the cartoon world, anything goes!

lhasa apso that barks and growls when people come in the door?

Hi, I have a 3 year old male Lhasa Apso and since he was one he has developed a habit of barking and growling everytime somebody either comes down the stairs or opens the living room door. When he knows its me or my mum he doesnt do it, he somehow knows just from the way we walk :S but if its anyone else he will. He started off just barking a bit but now its growling (no teeth beared) and barking together and he just wont stop. Even when he sees that it's somebody he knows and lives with he carries on for about 5 seconds after he's seen them. Also any noise such as car doors closing etc he does the same. We have tried loads of things, putting him in another room when he does it but he just barks there, training sprays, praise and rewarding if he is silent for a minute but nothing seems to work and its getting really annoying now as its happening many times a day. Any help or advice would be appreciated :) Thanks in advance

I have the same problem with my lhasa. He never barks when he's alone though - only when his people are there to "warn" them about intruders. Lhasas were first bred as guard dogs to protect Tibet, so their instincts are to warn you about anybody entering their domain. Sorry I can't be helpful, but this barking problem is worse than a typical dog breed, so I feel your pain.

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