In What Year Was Pluto Declared Not A Planet?

How has Pluto become a dwarf plannet?

From 1930 till this year there were 9 plannets and i find it confusing to tel the future generation that there are only 8 as declared in a meeting held in Prague . Let us share each others views from all corners of the world it is true that geography textbooks might have to be rewritten and millions or say billions more new books have to go off the printing presses worldwide as an answer stated that we would have to reteach billions so share your views

Pluto's orbit is irregular, one of the definitions of a planet is that it has a circular orbit, unlike Pluto that has an elliptical orbit. Pluto also crosses over Neptune so isn't always the furthest away from the Sun. Why they never converted Pluto into a Dwarf Planet years ago, since they have known of its orbit for a long time.

P.S: Before Pluto's status was relegated to a Dwarf Planet there were 10 planets because they found another Planet earlier this year.

Since When Did Pluto Become a None Planet....?

Are Astronomer's going loopy,,,? Please tell me When pluto became a none Planet...? PLUTO IS STILL A PLANET IN MY OPINION

It's still a planet. It's been grandfathered in.

Some astronomers will tell you that Pluto is no longer a planet, but I am not one of them.

Addendum: I'll actually go two or three farther and say that Sedna and a couple other Kuiper Belt objects are planets, too. If it's massive enough to be spherical, it's planet enough for me.

There is disagreement in the field on this issue, of course, but astronomers who think that giving Pluto the shaft wasn't a nice thing to do are not few in number.

it is true???

It is true that planet pluto was out-of orbit and lost?This is because my friend have tell me about this news.So I want to know the real matter.

No, it is not true. Pluto's orbit (and Pluto itself) is exactly the same as it ever was, and its position is known very precisely. The only thing that has changed is Pluto's status as a planet. Because of recent discoveries it became apparent to astronomers that Pluto was sufficiently different from the major planets that it no longer qualified as a planet, and it was reclassified as a dwarf planet, along with Ceres and Eris.


Why is Pluto not considered a planet??

Pluto was once called a planet because it was a solid body, thought to be bigger than Mercury, orbiting the sun. Recent decades brought the discovery that it was smaller than Mercury, but it kept its designation as a planet.

In the last few years, a number of bodies, some slightly smaller and some larger than Pluto, have been found not much further from the sun, in similar orbits (inclined, and possible coming inside Neptune's orbit). There is reason to believe that there may be hundreds of them.

If Pluto was to be considered a planet, then the new discoveries would have to be also. This would mean that there could be several hundred "planets".

Men with beards decided that this was too untidy, so they changed the definition of the word "planet" to exclude Pluto and others like it. Thus, we have 8 planets.

As someone mentioned, it's an arbitrary definition. Pluto is the same as it always was, it's where it's always been, and its feelings aren't hurt by what we call it.

wen did pluto become a dwarf planet?

i need 2 know

Sometime around 2005, right after the "tenth" planet planet was found which the discoverer hoped to call Zena, if my memory is correct. "Zena" was discovered the 1.25x the size of Pluto, yet it was considered a sub-planet, so the top astronomers took a vote, and considered Pluto as a sub-planet ever since. So our Solar System is now officially called an eight planet system.

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