In What Year Was Kwanzaa Created?

What ways is Kwanzaa similar to Hanukkah? What is Kwanzaa suppose to celebrate?

I hear Kwanzaa started out in Africa to celebrate the harvest. But Kwanzaa did not come from Africa some guy made the holiday up in America.

Kwanzaa was originally created as an alternative to Christmas, during a time when blacks had no other way to celebrate on their own. BHM wasn't created (as a month until 1976/Kwanzaa in 1964). Yet, since race relations have improved. So has this holiday changed (people want to ignore this fact). Its a way to celebrate those who have come before us and work with family to make a better way for the new year.

Kwanzaa took roots from Africa as a way to celebrate the first harvest. It didn't come from Africa a man took ideas from Africa and created a holiday. Yes this holiday was "created". You celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th? You have a birth certificate saying when Christ was born? No? Then somebody made this up, right? Santa? Reindeer? Tree? You celebrate Halloween?

It's similar to Hanukkah only because there is gift giving and a candles lit every day and it last a week (yea I know Hanukkah lasts longer).

has Kwanzaa become a joke?

Actually it hasn't. In certain communities Kwanzaa is celebrated and taken quite seriously. There are all kinds of Kwanzaa products, from Kwanzaa Scrabble to Kwanzaa Bingo. The 7 principles of Kwanzaa would be a great foundation in society to stop crime and empower people. Yes it is not as popular as some other holidays but it is celebrated by millions of people on almost every continent.

What is Kwanzaa?Why do people celebrate Kwanzaa?Is there any website where I get information about Kwanzaa?

Mainly which country celebrate Kwanzaa? Tell me about the activities do in Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa is mainly celebrated in the United States, and it is an afro-american festival, started by Dr.Maulana Karenga, to protect the culture and heritage of the africans in america.
There are a seven distinct activities, performed in the seven different days of the festival, details of which you will get at

Check out the source website, of, it is one of the most informative kwanzaa site fo the net

Are there any similarities between Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa?

I know that they all fall around the same time of year, at the end of the calender year, but what else is similar about these three holidays? Christmas and Hanukkah? Christmas and Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa and Hanukkah? All three? Thanks!!

maybe the gift giving that xmas and hanukah share? not sure about kwanzaa. kwanzaa actually has lights, like haukah's menorah. but the purpose of these holidays are all very different. xmas = birth of jesus. hanukah = jews' defeat of ancient greeks who sought to hellenize their religion and forbid the practice of jewish religion. and kwanzaa is something about african heritage, altho i wouldnt know so dont take it personally if i am wrong.

Why don't blacks celebrate Kwanzaa ?

I've asked blacks about Kwanzaa in years past and not one has ever known it's origin or anyone who celebrated it. It seems that only idiot white liberals are the only ones who celebrate Kwanzaa ( a holiday made up in the late 1960's by the Fedeal government )

Kwanzaa isn't commonly celebrated because it was created by Americans to honor African heritage, but Black people have lived in the United States for generations. They identify as American. Being from the South a lot more recently than Africa most of them are Baptist and therefore Christian so they celebrate Christmas.

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