In What Year Did The Sims 3 Come Out?


I have sims christmas pack but im not sure if it will work with sims 2, i think its sims 1....?

If it's Sims 1, it won't work with Sims 2. However, I don't recall any holiday packs coming out for Sims 1. Check the box and look for the Sims 2 logo. If you purchased it from EA online, try installing it after installing Sims 2. It will recognize the game and install appropriately; if it says you have to install the original game, it was for Sims 1 and will not be compatible with Sims 2.

Can i install the sims 1 after the sims 3?

I have the sims 3 on my computer and want to get the sims 1. I remember when the sims 2 came out it wouldn't let me install the sims 1 after i allready had the sims 2 on the computer. So if can i still install the sims 1 if i have the sims 3 installed?

Sims 1 and its expansions is a completely different game from Sims 3, and they do not overlap at all. I don't know why Sims 2 would not let you install Sims 1.

Be cautious when installing older games like Sims 1 in an updated computer. Once in awhile, the incompatibility can really do a lot of harm to the machine (this did happen to me, although it was several years ago, and I'm not having that issue with my far more updated computer now so maybe today's machines are more resilient, lol).

I have Sims 2 and Sims 3 both on my computer now, and for a short time I had installed Sims 1 on there, too, so had all three games at once.

*EDIT* I have Windows Vista. I've no idea about compatibility issues regarding Windows 7, sorry. It also worked fine with Windows XP.

Should I buy Sims 2 or wait for Sims 3 to come out?

I owned the original sims, but never actually went on to the second version. I want to buy Sims 2, but I know that Sims 3 is already on it's way. I know it will be until next year, and I don't want to have to wait that long, but I also don't to waste money buying Sims 2 and its expansion packs. Also, I would like to know if Sims 3 gives you the ability to adopt pets, because that's a really important factor to me. And also what else Sims 3 includes. I would also like to know why the collectors edition of Sims 3 is so much more expensive than just the original version. Thanks!

Sims 2 is an excellent game
I would recommend getting that even if you also get Sims 3

Its like for people who haven't played any half-life games
They will buy Half-life 2 and not half-life original

I thought the original was amazing because you could go anywhere and possibly it was better than the 2nd

So i would get Sims 2 because it is a good game and worth playing through before Sims 3 hits us

Will there be a sims 4?

I'm not much of a gamer but I like the Sims games I have the Sims 3 for Xbox 360 and all computer ones as well but I like playing it better on Xbox 360. so I was wondering will there be a Sims 4 for Xbox 360?

Sims 4 is already leaked and semi "Confirmed" and according to MULTIPLE reliable fansites there is going to be a BIG announcement coming up Monday and they are hinting that it is The Sims 4. While this announcement isn't confirmed screenshots from back in 2010 were released of possible ideas being pitched for Sims 4 and since then rumors have been going around. There will 100% sure be a Sims 4 and it will probably be released mid-late NEXT year. If they do not announce it Monday it will most likely be announced at E3 in June. So to answer your question, yes. For any doubters check out previous broadcasts and updates, twitter feed, fansites, proof of Sims 4 is EVERYWHERE! Happy Simming!

If you haven't tried Sims for PC you really should. It's a great game.. also just want to add since the 720 has already been announced and is set for reveal soon if there is a Sims 4 next year it may only be released to the 720. Can't say for sure, though.

Sims 2? ?

Hello! I'm thinking about getting the Sims 2. Can anyone just tell me the differences between Sims 1 and Sims 2? I've already played Sims 1, so I would like to see if it is better, or worse.

sims 2 has improved graphics, better (sometimes worse) camera control, SO MUCH BETTER cheats, more expansion packs, more create-a-sim choices, including more clothes, make-up jewllery (sims 2 bon voyage), turn ons and turn offs (sims 2 pets), more build and buy items, six different age levels (baby, toddler, child, teen, adult and elder) and SO much more.

but it takes longer to load. if you want something that takes longer to load, get sims 2. if you dont, keep sims 1. but you shouldnt get too many expansion packs. i have three and it goes slow when i create a new town. but it is SO much better than sims 1.

but, if youre REALLY patient, you can wait till 2009 when sims 3 comes out. and if sims 1 is addicting, sims 2 is so much better, than imagine what sims 3 would be like....

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