If You Approach A Railroad Track Where The Gate Has Come Down Or Lights Are Flashing You Should Stop?

What is the rule in ontario, canada (e.g. Guelph) when driving in highways with train tracks?

I'm close to taking my G exam here in Guelph. I want to know what is the rule when crossing train tracks. Do I have to just slow down and check when crossing a train track? What if the train track is on the highway?

When driving within city limits, look for the flashing signals and gates which may be at the railroad crossing. Look in your Driving Handbook for the minimum distance you may stop if they are flashing, If they aren't flashing, then as you approach, cover your brake, scan both ways just before crossing the track, and then continue.if all is clear.
Where I live, a driver must stop if there is a train within 500 meters of the crossing, but the lights should begin to flash and the gates should come down before the train arrives, so check your book to see the required distance.
When travelling outside the city, on rural highways, always scan both ways, several times, as you are approaching the track and then continue at the posted highway speed if there are no lights flashing, or no gates down. If your vision is obscured, then come off the accelerator just as you approach the tracks .
Remember too, that you must wait until the flashing lights have gone off before you can continue. Just because the gates go up, doesn't mean they won't come right back down again, and if those lights are still flashing, another train may be approaching!
If there is only a crossbuck (a white "x" ) and no lights or gates, then you should slow down and look both ways before continuing..Sometimes your vision is obscured by trees, buildings or bushes, so scan several times. If it's foggy, slow right down, turn off your radio, roll down your windows a bit and listen for a train's horn!
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so I wish you Good Luck!

How do i get the red ring of death on my xbox 360 even after i have 2 flashing red lights?

I want to send in my xbox 360 for the warranty but i need 3 flashing red lights not 2, and when i try to overheat it, it gives off 2 flashing red lights, i dont have 100$! Please Help!!!

Hi Doug

You could try the towel trick and eventually that will stop working and you will end up with the 3 red lights.

Hope this helps!

What does it mean when the top two lights are flashing on an xbox 360?

The green light comes on for a second or two after the Xbox 360 is turned on then lights 1 and 2 start flashing. I know that the two left lights flashing means it is over heating... Thank you for the quick replies... I tried connecting a controller and the 1 and 4 lights on the controller flash once and that's it. The red lights on the xbox keep flashing....

Controllers are not connected properly.

What is the song that has: flash....lights, in its lyrics?

maybe hip-hop or pop

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What does 4 red flashing lights on my xbox 360 mean?

I pulled out the av cable when the machine was on, and when i plugged it back in the 4 red lights started flashing

4 lights is NOT the red ring of death. Different sets of lights mean different things. The RROD is 3 lights (general hardware fault). Having 4 red lights means the AV connection is not working. First thing is to unplug and replug all the AV connections. If that doesn't work, the next step would be replacing the cables.

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