If You Appreciate A Novel Like Those Written By Frank Norris The Naturalist Writer You Might Say?

What are some direct and indirect things about Mr. Frank (Otto Frank)?

Otto Frank used the fictional work of writer Meyer Levin and showcased it as Diary of Anne Frank. the Jury awarded $ 50,000 dollars as compensation to be paid by Otto Frank father of Anne Frank to Jew Writer Meyer Levin who wrote Diary of Anne Frank. Meyer Levin filed a case for claims against Otto Frank for use of his professional work for writing “Diary of Anne Frank”. In the said case Jury awarded Mr. Levin $50,000, in damages. However award was later set aside by the trial justice, Hon. Samuel C. Coleman, on the ground that the damages had not been proved in the manner required by law as it was not based upon "legal" evidence of loss. The reason was that if Writer Meyer Levin had written the said novel under his own name it would not sold so many copies. Because Otto Frank father of Anne rank projected the work of Meyer Levin as real story of Anne Frank that so many copies were sold and profits were made. However in further appeal by Writer Meyer Levin matter was compromised out of court between the parties. Complete details of the case are available in case titled Meyer Levin Vs Otto Frank, File number 2241-1956 in the New York County Clerk’s office.


What can i do for a creative presentaion on the book the diary of anne frank?

Its my final exam for English to make a creative presentation on something that relates to the book the diary of anne frank. Does anyone have and autosuggestion on what to do and how to do it?

Diary of anne frank was written in ball point pen which was invented after 1948 and marketed thereafter.

Ever wonder why otto frank father of anne frank was never persecuted or murdered but made millions by selling her daughter...

oops her diary.

ever wonder why NY Writer Meyer Levin filed suit for money against Otto frank for non payment of dues for writing "diary of anne frank"

ever wonder why otto Frank paid him money out of court????

Has a writer ever write about a different place?

Example, A French writer writes a book about a couple in the US, NOTHING to do with France. Has a writer ever done that? If so, who, where, what book.

Writers do it all the time. Every fantasy novel ever written. Effectively, every historical novel ever written. Most science fiction novels.

A vast proportion of fanfic is written by people who aren't from the countries the fandom is set in.

However, the chance that you'll be able to write a book about a place you've never been to and fool someone who lives there is basically zero.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Norris?

How many woodchucks would Chuck Norris chuck if Chuck Norris could chuck woodchucks?

um to the kid that thinks chuck norris isn't god that maybe true because chuck norris is on a whole diffrent level then god

Who would have won in a fight Chuck norris or Mr Miyagi?

What do you think and whats your reason? Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.

I believe Mr. Miyagi would win for many reasons.

1. Chuck Norris is getting old. He is not as nimble or strong as he used to be, mostly because Chuck Norris is human and ages. Assuming the mythical Mr. Myogi is the same age as he was during the first Karate Kid and Chuck Norris is his current age, Mr. Myogi will win because Myogi does not use moves that requires agility and strength.

2. Mr. Myogi is an Asian Martial Arts expert. As many people know, Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris in "Way of the Dragon." And as many people know, history repeats itself. So, using these facts, we can assume that Mr. Miyagi will take the place of Bruce Lee and win the fight.

3. Chuck Norris is overrated. Many people don't even know why Chuck Norris is famous for kicking butt, they just know he is. Mr. Miyagi can take on anyone and win, as proven in Karate Kid when he defeated many well-trained, younger opponents.

4. Mr. Miyagi is awesome, Chuck Norris... meh.

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