How To Reset Service Engine Soon Light Bmw X3?

how to reset the service engine light on a 2006 bmw x3?

Are you talking about "Service Engine Soon" light or oil service light? The yellow SES light means you have a fault and need it fixed. The oil service light can be reset. Turn the key on to the second position. Press and hold the S/R button on the cluster until the oil service indicator flashed. release the button and press and hold again. Now it will reset to approx. 15,000 miles
The S/R button is in the middle of the cluster, there is 1 button with a picture of a clock and the S/R button

2004 BMW X3 - diagnostics...?

I have a 2004 BMW X3, and today my service engine light came on... I know I need to take it to a dealer to diagnose the problem but I'm trying to avoid going if I don't have to for financial reasons... I think the cause is the fact that the computer thinks I haven't changed the oil in several months because it says that I'm at "-2650 miles" from my next oil service. I change the oil every 3,000 miles, but the place I go to doesn't specialize in BMW's so they don't reprogram the computer when they change the oil. I'm hoping that this is the problem and not anything more serious. I don't know if the computer is setup so that it gives you the "Service Engine Soon" light if you miss your oil changes by a certain amount. I know I don't have a lot of info here but I'm hoping someone has some more info to help me out. thanks...

I don't own an X3 but have had 3 BMW's 3 5 and 7 series, the oil service light is just a reminder to service the car (don't forget the plugs, air and oil filter. My BM has had the service light on for thousands of miles as my local garage also doesn't reset the light(and that's all it is a light) and its never skipped a beat. As long as the car runs fine there shouldn't be a problem. You can either buy the reset tool or read up on DIY resetting. On my current 3 series you just fuse a wire from A to C on the input for the diagnostic tool and it resets the service light, if your gonna opt for this just run a search for you model, it really is a very simple procedure

How can i reset (Service engine soon) Light on 2001 BMW X5 ?

With OBD2 scanner only.

how to reset service engine soon light in a bmw 2001 x5?

Need to use a computer. Take it to your dealer

BMW X3 - I've changed oil of my car but the "indicator" when I start the engine still asks me to "service oil"?

Basically I've flushed out the old oil and poured in new oil into the engine BMW X3 2.5i. When I start the ignition, a beeping sound still occurs on the electronic display where the speedometer is. It displays Service Oil. How do I remove this display and get rid of the beeping sound?

very modern cars have sensors for practically every stupid thing. Even if you move the air filter out and replace it immediately, it trips a sensor
The fuel, air, and oil systems are highly sensored and monitored. the big brother government doesn't want the average person driver to mess with these highly designed systems. They want you to have to go to the dealership and spend megabucks to have them change the oil. Then they use their computers to reset the car's computer, which resets the oil timing sensor.
Since you've changed the oil yourself, the car still shows the indicator light because car hasn't been hooked up to a mechanic's computer so it can reset the oil timing sensor.
So either take to dealer to have them reset it, or sometimes independent mechanics/garages can read the car's computer and reset it for you, thereby not having to pay megabucks at dealer.

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