How To Measure Your Bra Size?

How can you measure your bra size at home?

I did my measurements and calculated them on a website but it gave me a really weird size (26DD/E) I don't really know where you could buy one for that. Or if that's accurate. How can you accurately measure bra size at home? Or is it just easier to go somewhere and get it done professionally? My rib cage measurement was 26 inches and around my bust was 31. What would my size be? Where can you buy a custom bra? Thanks in advance

Measure the fullest part of your bust and then measure right under your bust. The measurement under you bust will be the number in the bra size, then you subtract that number from the number you got from the fullest part to get that cup size (every inch in 1 cup)

eg. fullest part of bust is 36 inches and under is 34 inches. you subtract 34 from 36 to give you 2 inches. 1 inch = 1 cup so since its 2 inches it will be a B cup. The bra size would be B 34 . I hope you understand what i'm saying and it helps! haha

What is the correct modern way to measure bra size?

Several of the measurement guides I've seen on the Internet cause me to get absurdly inaccurate results. I snugly fit a D cup and several of the methods made me come up as an A cup (which is ludicrous as a C cup is tight on me). When I've been measured in shops I've been told I'm a 32D. What is the correct way to measure bra size?

For the size, you measure the area under your breasts, which I assume is 32.

To get the cup, measure your breats at its fullest point and subtract that from 32. It may be inaccurate.

If all fails, go to Victoria's Secret and get a free sizing.

how do you measure a bust?

this might sound stupid but i want to know how to measure bust to see a shirt size

How to measure for bra size?

For the greatest accuracy, have someone help you take your measurements.
Please remember if the bra you are wearing does not fit correctly, your measurements will need to be adjusted to allow for the spillage.

Band Size

Measure where your bra band hits from back to front and keeping the tape level and snug, but not tight.
Add 0 to 4 inches to the band size measurement depending on how tight or loose you like your bras to fit.
Example - 35
Round up the total. This is your Final Band Size.
Example - 37 ½" is rounded up to 38".

Cup Measurement

Wearing your BEST fitting bra, measure back to front at the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape level without pulling tight. This is the "bustline" measurement. Please remember if the bra you are wearing does not fit correctly, your measurements will need to be adjusted to allow for the spillage.

Determine your cup size

Subtract the Final Band Size from the bustline measurement.
Example - 44" - 38" = 6
Match the number you obtain to the chart below. This will tell you the cup size you will wear by the different designers.

Click in this link so u can see the charts

what is the correct way to measure bra size?

what is the correct way to measure bra size, u shuld add 4 inches to the band measurement if its even and 5 inches if its odd or shuld u add always 5 inches. Different sites say different things, many women complain that adding any number to band size gives them a negative number which means no chest at all. My band size is 28inches and the fullest part of bust is 32inches, what size am i?

According to your measurements, you should either try a 28D or a 30C.

**Do not go to a store and get measured by a sales associate. They'll measure you for a size that they carry so you'll purchase something. Also, they usually use the traditional method of adding 5 inches to the band size which skews the cup size and creates a band size that's too big. This method is outdated and doesn't give an accurate sizing.**

First of all, get a fabric tape measure. Measure directly under the bust for the band measurement. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and hold it snug. Add no more than 1-3 inches if the band measurement is odd and 0-2 inches if the measurement is even (if you're smaller than 28 inches, you'll stick with a 28 band size.)
Next, for the cup size. Without wearing a bra or a lightly padded one, measure at the fullest point of the bust (across the nipples.) Subtract the band size from the bust measurement. Each inch difference is a cup size.

A cup=1 inch
B cup=2 inches
C cup=3 inches
D cup=4 inches
DD/E cup=5 inches
and so on...

You can't rely solely on measurements, make sure to try on the bras before you purchase. The style of the bra may affect the fit.

If the bra fits:
-The band will not ride up, if it does, the band size is too big
-There are spaces/gaps or no wrinkles in the fabric of the cups, if there are, the cups are too big
-There is no spillage on the tops, sides or bottom of the cups, if there is, the cup is too small
-The underwire and middle part of the bra should stay flat against your ribcage

Good luck on finding the perfect fitting bra! :)

How do I measure my bust size?

1. Measure around your rib cage just under your breasts. For most gals past puberty this measurement will be at least 32". 40".
2. Then measure around your body but up higher, to include the fullest part of your breasts. Every inch more than the measurement of your ribcage = one cup size.
So if measurement #1 is 36" and measurement #2 is 38", you should try a 36B bra and see how that fits.
PS if you don't have a fabric tape measure use some yarn or string and cut it to size, then measure the yarn or string with a metal tapemeasure or yardstick.

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