How To Exchange Virtapay To Paypal?

How can i convert my virtapay to paypal, for real?

How can one really convert virtapay to paypal

There is no way to convert virtapay to any other currency at this moment. However soon (when API goes live) it will be possible. I've wrote a post about this issue on my blog. You can read it here:

can i withdraw money from virtapay to paypal?

i am having a account with pay pal and i want to transfer money from virtapay to paypal. pl let us know the transaction method.

hi yes you can for a one time payment of $99 paypal i will send link to your email to download software for virtapay to paypal converter money back guaranteed contact if you would like to buy software and exchange yourself thanks

To exchange my virtapay money into real money pls?

How can i exchange my virtapay money into a real money and it will be send in my firstbank account,i need the money for my school pls anybody shoud help me i need a solution to dis pls, i have try so many thing but lik paypal and clickbank stil it doesn't work help me gud people pls i have about $2000 in my account

Have them do a wire transfer./

What fee am i charged when buying internationally with paypal on ebay?

i am very very new to paypal and ebay, i am sure it says on the paypal site that its free but u are charged a fee when buying something from overseas, i just do not understand a thing on that site so i am just wondering how much am i charged if i use paypal to buy something on ebay from another country? links are not helpful here, i need someone to explain it easily cause i dont seem to understand anything on there site.

If you use PayPal to buy things from other countries, you have to buy in that currency. If you are in the US and buy from England, you have to pay in English pounds. PayPal has to do a currency conversion and they include a fee in the exchange rate they use, it's about 3%, so for every $100 you spend, you will pay $3 to PayPal. You have to appreciate that exchange rates for other currencies change every day (up or down) and that isn't to do with Paypal it's how the international currency system is. I suggest you understand a bit more about exchange rates so you know if your overseas purchase is good value or not.

Where I can exchange WebMoney to PayPal Exchanger?

I can't find a good and fast website that can exchange Webmoney WMZ to PayPal or vice-versa. Please help!


I used Google and found WMZEXCHANGER.COM

Support is always online, they took my order on the live chat window and in 2h i had the funds. I exchanged $8500.00

I was very surprised commission is only 1% + PayPal Transfer fees (WM) but that's fine.

Anyway, I really recommend them.

You can also sell and buy WebMoney cards, deposit WebMoney, deposit PayPal with interest since they are a Bank.

I hope this answers your question.

Happy new year!


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