How To Exchange Valor Points For Justice Points?

Can you exchange justice points for valor points in World of Warcraft?

I feel like a noob for asking this question but i cant find any vendor to exchange the points at.

No you cannot.
You can exchange Honor for Justice/Justice for Honor & Valor for Conquest/Conquest for Valor.
You can't exchange Honor/Justice for Conquest and you can't exchange Justice/Honor for Valor.

How to get fast Justice Points on World of Warcraft?

I am trying to get Justice heirlooms with my Death knight on an alt server. (Fresh 85) and i've gotten a few rogue heirlooms with honor points, and i was wondering if there was a way to get them easier? because it seems to take so much effort. Thanks.

Easiest is to either run random HoT (Hour of Twilight's) or do random battlegrounds and change honor to Justice points. And don't buy boe's or justice points or gold from any website lol that's a instant account ban.

world of warcraft, justice points on what to spend ?

so i have Night elf hunter lvl 85 4000 justice points and around 4800 gold so i was wondering can u guys help me buy some good armor and weapons and where can i buy them (locations of item sellers or where to get them for justice points ... ) ??? .................... WOW CATACLYSM !!!!!!!!! <---- Alliance justice points get spent here.

Same place the special currency vendors have always been in Stormwind. Gear you can purchase includes the Flamewalker Battlegear, but theres other stuff too.

where can you spend justice points? (WoW)?

im a lvl 85 warlock, i have 4k justice points, where can i spend them? are there different places? or one? do different places have different things or all the same?

In Dalaran, where the emblem redeemers used to be, they now accept justice points.

Alliance - Stormwind in the command center, in the southernmost portion of Old Town. Magatha Silverton is the Justice Quartermaster.

Horde - Go to Gunra, a female orc on top of the building Garrosh Hellscream is in.

How do you get points on Elfster?

How do you gain alot of points on elfster? I understand that you must ask and answer questions, but is there any other better way to gain these elf points faster?

The more you use the site, the more points you get: write on the exchange wall, add things to your wishlist, like gifts, suggest gifts, organize your own exchange, etc.

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