How To Divide Monopoly Money?

How do you divide the money to start the game in business - the indian version of monopoly?

2 years ago , someone had gifted me this board game.. I cleaned my store room and found this and i want to play this again but I forgot how to divide the money for the 2 players and the bank. I want to know how do i divide the money?

two notes of each value for every person....

How much money do you need at the beginning of monopoly?

Me and my baby cousin wanna play monopoly. We can't remember how much money you need at the beginning of the game. A guy in a youtube says 1500 dollars but we wanna know is how to divide the numbers. (you know like 1 $500's 2 $50's 5 $5's etc etc.

Each player begins the game with his/her token on the Go square, and $1500 in cash divided as follows, per the U.S. standard rules:

2 each of:

$500 bills
$100 bills
$50 bills

6 $20 bills

5 each of:
$10 bills
$5 bills
$1 bills

board game monopoly verses real life monopolies?

how is the board game monopoly similar to real life monopolies. What does the board game teach people?

The board game Monopoly is similar to a real-life monopoly in that the object of the game is to monopolize, or have complete control over, same-colored properties. When you own all of the properties under one color, it can be said that you have a monopoly on that type of property, which allows you complete control over how to build your property and causes your property value to skyrocket.

In addition to that, the board game Monopoly teaches people how to manage money. If it is done wisely (and with some luck), then they will be able to win more and more money. Being careless with your spending usually causes you to end up bankrupt fairly quickly.

Basically, if you have money management and business skill, along with some luck, you can be very successful in a business-style setting.

what is the difference between regulated and unregulated monopoly?

Utility companies are a regulated monopoly. They have to get approval from the state governments to set prices. The NFL is a non regulated monopoly.

how do u win prizes in mcdonalds monopoly?

right now i have 2 yellow pieces, atlantic avenue and marvin gardens and if i get #765 do i get the prize of $25000 or is it not that simple? i still dont get how mcdonalds monopoly works so can explain?? btw what do u do when u do win? im not doing the online part

The McDonalds Monopoly is just that simple, the trick is that the missing pieces or the ones that are not repeated as much are difficult to come by. You can check the odds of winning on the official website. But people find the pieces every year.

They also have many good items in addition to the money that you can win. For example, the food comes as a free coupon as well. Sundaes, Apple Pies, Burgers, Soda all are instant winners. They also have a large sampling from the breakfast menu. Hash browns, and the morning breakfast sandwiches as well. When you win these you can redeem them right at the restaurant. The money you win will have to be mailed in. The individual stores do not cash these!

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