How To Divide Html Page Into Two Parts?

How to divide the HTML file into multiple pages?

As we see in the google search it displays search results in multiple pages with page numbers, i want to divide a large HTML page like this. Please any one give me a detailed explaination.

You will have to put each segment of the document into a separate HTML file. This can be done either manually (with a text editor) or with a server-side script in a language such as PHP. You cannot have separate pages (as you requested) within one HTML file.

How do u divide a DVD into parts with Windows Movie Maker?

I can't figure out how!!!!! I tried using imprort video and i selected my right stuff and it just came in a blank screen!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to divide this movie into parts!!!! PLz help!

I have not used Windows Movie Maker. So i can not give you more information about it. But I usually divide dvd to some parts by using Aiseesoft DVD Ripper. I use the "trim" function of this professional DVD Ripper. You can trim your DVD to some Parts as you like.
Just free download it and have a try.
Hope it helps.

How many different ways can you divide a square into four equal parts?

I have an assignment in which I need to divide a square into four equal parts, each of equal size, shape and area. The square is of dimensions 8x8. We're not allowed to divide it either by drawing a cross in the center, joining the diagonals or by making four rectangles. We can use any kinds of curves and shapes to divide. What are the different ways?

Here is one way: Square is (4x) by (4x) so for an 8 x 8 square: x = 2
The four equal shapes are regions A, B, C, and D

    |           |     |
    |  A        |x          |
    |   ____________|         | 2x
    |   |               |
    |   |x    B       |
    |  __x__  |  ___________3x_____ |
    |   |               |
    |   |x      C     |
    |   |____________     | 2x
    |           |     |
    |    D      |x      |
    | _________________ |______ |
        3x      x

What is the meaning of subdivided?

sub·di·vide (sbd-vd, sbd-vd) KEY

sub·di·vid·ed , sub·di·vid·ing , sub·di·vides

To divide a part or parts of into smaller parts.
To divide into a number of parts, especially to divide (land) into lots.

To form into subdivisions.

How do you divide a 30" circle into 18 equal parts?

How would I divide a 30" circle into 18 equal parts with each part spaced 5" apart around the outside perimeter?

divide 30 and 18

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