How To Divide Gmail Inbox?

Does anyone know about gmail?

I have two email accounts... gmail is my secondary.. yahoo is my first account. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was an easier way to forward all emails that i have in my gmail account to my yahoo account without having to do each one by one....?? Thanks in advance.

-Go to your Inbox on your Gmail account and Click "SETTINGS" on the top of the screen
-Click on the Tab reading "FORWARDING AND POP/IMAP"
-There is an option that says "FORWARDING"
-Input your email address you would like to forward all emails to and make sure the "FORWARD A COPY OF INCOMING MAIL..." tab is checked.
-Save Changes.

Also, creating a filter in your yahoo account to divide the gmail emails from the yahoo emails is always a good idea.

As for forwarding all of your inbox at once, that has to be done individually unfortunately. Stupid Gmail...pfft.

Another gmail question about archived messages?

If I archive a converstation, and that person emails me back, will the whole conversation pop back into my "Inbox". Also, where is the help feature on gmail located? I'm looking for it and not seeing it. I love gmail, but I'm still on the downhill side of the learning curve. Thanks!

If I archive a conversation, and that person emails me back, will the whole conversation pop back into my "inbox".?
Yes, it will come back to your inbox so you can read it all.
this is the power of conversations in Gmail.

Gmail Help is here
and you can reach it from Gmail page on the right top corner left to [Sign out] link like this

You can also get help from other users on this group
Gmail Help Discussion

I wish i could help :)

What keeps happening to gmail?

I decided to get off hotmail. I moved everything to gmail. Before when I would get an email in either the inbox or the sent box, I could move it to one of the folders and it is gone from the box of origin. BUT...with gmail..the email continues to clutter up the box of origin. (plus I cannot move from the sent box to a folder...there seems to be no option for it) After just a couple weeks I am into dozens of pages!!! so..I moved them to the inbox..(no move available in the sent box) then I moved all of it to the correct folder. Then deleted it from the inbox. WOW...EVERYTHING IS GONE!! The content of the folder I just moved everything into...GONE The content of my inbox.... GONE. So... I decided I must not understand how to move things...but I cannot find a help function in gmail to teach me. OK.. so...this morning I logon to gmail for the first time in about a week. EVERYTHING IS GONE. The labels are all still there...but the content if GONE. I am going back to hotmail while I still have most of my critical email content on that system. Can anyone give me a hint why this is happening? Can anyone tell me where to find online instructions for the operation of gmail?


There are Labels in Gmail instead of Folder.

You can Create Labels and mark mail to labels. Then you can Archive them from inbox. I will not show that email in inbox anymore.

Now if you want to see that email again you can go to that perticular Label or there is a Label "ALL MAILS" you can browse all emails every where in you gmail even under labels.

Hope this will help you.


Forwarding gmail to another gmail label?

I have my college emails forwarding to my usual email account on gmail. I was wondering if its possible to create a label and have the emails forward not to the inbox, but to the new label/folder area?

In gmail settings you can make a filter that will apply label to your mail based on criteria you choose (in your case probably "to" field). If you don't want it to show in the inbox view as well, you can check the “Skip the Inbox” option.

Gmail and Outlook to play nice?

My work email with exchange server and outlook are a well oiled machine. Making outlooks inbox my actual inbox everything simply works syncs my calender and my contacts as well. On the go where I'm not near my office I grab my emails on my work blackberry which works like a dream as well. Problem? I got all new outlook 2010 to replace me looking at emails through the gmail website and was hoping it would be as streamlined as the work set up... WRONG I can't use the exchange set up like I did on my itouch and have to use IMAP I don't want my inbox then the gmail folder which has all mail folder spam and starred All I want is Inbox Drafts Sent Deleted And my two labels Thats it not everything else. How do I set up gmail to work better? Would google apps from my ISP be better to use?

You can setup gmail and Outlook 2010 to use POP instead of IMAP. Just go into your gmail account settings and go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Enable POP and disable IMAP. Then open Outlook and setup your account using your gmail account. You can let Outlook determine your settings for you or you can manually set them up. Check out for a tutorial.

The downside to POP is that anything you pull from you gmail account will only be stored on your local Outlook folder. The way to change that is to change your POP settings in gmail to keep a copy of email in gmail's inbox.

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